This week’s “minorities in cartoons” entry is Mr. White, a recurring supporting character from the Teletoon/Cartoon Network animated collection “Johnny Test.”


“Johnny Test” concentrates on the misadventures of the titular 11-year-old boy, Johnny. Johnny’s genius teenaged twin sisters, Susan and also Mary, have a rap in their residence where miscellaneous experiments room concocted, consisting of the one that developed Johnny’s ideal friend, a super-intelligent talk dog called Dukey.

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Most the the plots focus on Johnny desiring to accomplish some vapid whim, making use of his sister’s an innovation (with or without their permission) to carry out so. Stated whims have consisted of a an essential that opens every door in their town, teleportation access, and also creating a “Kids Get complimentary Candy Day” holiday. Mayhem generally ensues, request Johnny (and regularly his sisters/dog) to conserve the day. What Johnny lacks in usual sense, he usually renders up for in cleverness.

While top top the surface ar it’s a gender-reversed version of “Dexter’s Laboratory” (genius girls through a lab and their you are fool annoying brother), “Johnny Test” has enough unique aspects to do it was standing apart. One of said facets is the girls’ laboratory not being a secret (to your often-exasperated homemaker father’s consistent consternation). An additional is the government’s occasional intervention into the girls’ experiments.

Mr. White

Mr. White works as a spy for the U.S. Commonwealth government. He’s constantly accompanied by his partner, Mr. Black. (Yep, Mr. Black is White, and also Mr. White is Black.) Apparently, the two spend virtually all of their time with each other. This consists of their to run gag of desiring to go on vacations to Fiji. Mr. White and Mr. Black work for the unnamed general who runs “Area 51.1,” a not-so-secret US armed forces base external of town.

Unfortunately because that Mr. White’s career, he’s not much like his fellow cartoon African-American spy, Nick Fury. Prefer his companion Mr. Black color (and the General), Mr. White can sometimes be bumbling at his job.

White also often ends up taking care of a hazard that outstrips his government agency’s very own vast technical resources/weaponry. This regularly leads to one more running gag for Black and White: their suddenly bursting into the lab to request the kids’ aid with other (“Susan, Mary, we require your…”).

A few episodes show White, Black, and also the General required to protect against the girls from conducting experiment (or shutting your lab down/confiscating your equipment) after a particularly an ext disastrous-than-usual experiment.

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Voice actor

Mr. White is voiced by Scott McNeil, who additionally voices miscellaneous other cartoon characters (including Wolverine in “X-Men: Evolution”).