The 39th yearly Health treatment Conference will take place virtually on January 11-14, 2021. In lieu of an in-person conference, we will provide virtual access to that company presentations. All sessions will certainly be through video webcasts and will take location in eastern Time (ET).

In 2020 we celebrated 38 years of hosting the largest and also most informative health care investment symposium in the industry which connects worldwide industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators and also members of the invest community. In 2021, us expect much more than 400 companies, both public and private, to provide presentations to more than 8,000 participants.


Jamie Dimon is Chairman of the Board and Chief executive, management Officer of follow & Co., a worldwide financial services firm v assets the $2.5 trillion and also operations worldwide. The for sure is a leader in investment banking, financial solutions for consumers, little business, advertisement banking, financial transaction processing and asset management.

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Dimon ended up being CEO on January 1, 2006 and also one year later also became Chairman of the Board. He was named President and Chief operation Officer upon the company’s closing with bank One coporation, group on July 1, 2004. Dimon joined bank One as Chairman and CEO in 2000.

Dimon began his job at American refer Company. Next, he offered as cook Financial Officer and also then chairman at advertising Credit, which made countless acquisitions and also divestitures, including gaining Prim-erica coporation, group in 1987 and The Travelers corporation in 1993. Dimon offered as President and Chief operation Officer of Travelers native 1990 v 1998 while simultaneously serving as Chief operating Officer of its blacksmith Barney Inc. Subsidiary before ending up being co-Chairman and also Co-CEO of the linked brokerage adhering to the 1997 merger of smith Barney and also Salomon Brothers. In 1998, Dimon was called President the Citigroup Inc., the worldwide financial services agency formed by the mix of Travelers Group and Citicorp.

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Dimon earned his bachelors level from Tufts University and holds one M.B.A. Indigenous Harvard business School. He serves on the plank of director of a number of non-profit institutions including the Clearing House and also Harvard organization School. Additionally, he is the Chairman that the organization Roundtable and serves on the executive, management committee that the service Council and the cooperation for brand-new York City, and is a member the the Financial solutions Forum, Financial solutions Roundtable and also Council on foreign Relations.


Andy Slavitt former Acting Administrator the CMS, general Partner of town Hall Ventures and also Board Chair that United says of care
Andy Slavitt former Acting Administrator the CMS, general Partner of town Hall Ventures and Board Chair the United states of treatment
indigenous 2015 to 2017, Andy served as the acting Administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid solutions (CMS) under president Obama, overseeing the Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s wellness Insurance Program, value-based payment reform and the health Insurance Marketplace. Before that, Andy managed the successful turnaround of and also served together a team Executive Vice president of Optum, which he prospered from that inception come $35 exchange rate in revenues. Andy is at this time Board Chair that United says of Care, a nationwide non-profit health and wellness think-tank and also advocacy company he founded to attain full, sustainable access to health treatment for all American families. Andy co-chairs The Future of healthcare initiative in ~ the Bipartisan policy Center and chairs the Medicaid revolution Project which intends to transform treatment for the most vulnerable. He is also the founder and also General partner of town Hall Ventures, which invests in health treatment innovations in delicate communities. Andy is organize of a Lemondada Media podcast called, “In The Bubble”. Native his very own bubble, Andy is making it his mission to give Americans an essential information in real-time and also hope for a course forward throughout this worldwide pandemic. Writer of the book, Preventable, a definitive, behind-the-scenes look in ~ the U.S. Coronavirus crisis.

Andy was called top Politico 50; was recognized by modern Healthcare as one of the 10 many influential people in wellness care; and was called the many Influential healthcare Tweeter by medical care Dive. Andy is a graduate that the university of Pennsylvania, (BA and BS) and Harvard University, (MBA).