K. Michelle sets increase an impromptu business meeting in between rapper P. London and also Safaree, climate gets advice native Joseline on date the German prince who"s courting her.

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K. Michelle lives out she childhood dream of cultivate a bear, and Jonathan confronts her beau Prince Max about his questionable past.

K. Michelle decides to open a hookah bar, and while in Atlanta, she confronts Jessica Dime about their friendship and brings Jonathan come her former strip club.

T-Pain joins K. Michelle in the studio, a false alarm has K. Michelle fearing for her safety, and a mrs from Bobby"s past drops a bombshell.

As K. Michelle prepares for her BET Awards performance with Patti LaBelle, she confronts miss Diddy around partying through her ex-boyfriend.

Rumors threaten K. Michelle and P. London"s friendship, and also K. Michelle reconsiders her connection with Safaree ahead of her expedition to London.
K. Michelle wraps up her tourism for her 3rd number one album, and also Jonathan confronts P. London about her gay bashing on society media.
When K. Michelle travels residence to Memphis, she and also Dr. Sims begin making plan for their future, and also K. Michelle"s sisters Shalah autumn a bombshell in ~ her birthday party.
While ~ above a "haunted Memphis" tour, Viara go on the attack with Jonathan, and also K. Michelle returns to she high school to inspire a new generation of young artists.
K. Michelle confronts Nicole around her disappointment in the slow progress of the restaurant, and an old flame attempts to end K. Michelle"s partnership with Dr. Sims.
Jonathan considers a career adjust as K. Michelle holds auditions because that her very own record label, and also a confrontation v her longtime girlfriend (and lover) Melisia transforms explosive.
A young Memphis artist auditions for K. Michelle"s brand-new label, and after K. Michelle"s wig-snatching confrontation v Melisia, P. London measures in come defuse the situation.
Jonathan and Shalah"s intake on K. Michelle"s brand-new song inspires her to carry it come V-103 Radio, and K. Michelle finds dates for P. London and Melisia.
K. Michelle provides a difficult decision around her restaurant"s opening, Gabby top to the studio because that the an initial time, and also Dr. Sims has a romantic surprise for K. Michelle.
K may seem happy, yet there space some worries she’s dealing with. K.Michelle opens up up come a therapist and talks about the toxic relationships she has with some civilization in she circle.
The 305 much better get all set to role out the red carpet for Joseline Hernandez ~ above Season 3 that Love & hip Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off v Blueface versus Dreamdoll and also Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.
Watch KP and also his artists" collective turn your city about through ink, music and opportunities when Black ink Crew Compton premieres top top Wednesday, respectable 14, at 10/9c.
Ceaser and his crew discover out girlfriend can"t the shade the previous on a new season of black Ink Crew beginning Wednesday, august 14 in ~ 9/8c.

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Ice Cube, Nene Leakes, DC Young Fly, Tamar Braxton, beam J and an ext return ~ above a brand-new season of i know well Hop Squares starting August 13.