Kabaneri of the stole Fortress episode 12

InKabaneri the the stole Fortress episode 12, Kotetsujyo, Biba’s plans be affected by each other dark fruit; Mumei declares herself Hozumi, however at a cost; Ikoma fights well for a change; andKurusu it s okay to (awkwardly) organize Ayame’s hand.

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What happened (Spoiler Free) in Kabaneri of the iron Fortress episode 12

Biba watches together his father’s city burns. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Biba city hall asKongoukaku, city of the now deceased shogun, burns. Many of Kongoukaku’s survivors blame the crew of theKoutetsujouand flock to the stockade wherein they’re imprisoned.

Amid all of the chaos, Ikoma and also Kurusu go into the city and fight their way toward Mumei. The an ext he fights, the more Ikoma loser his sight; Kurusu guarantees that if Ikoma i do not care a Kabane, Kurusu will placed him the end of his misery. Ikoma’s goal: inject the white blood he got from Biba’s captive scientist into Mumei to conserve her life. There’s just one dose.

As the mob threatens to burn the crew of the Koutetsujou alive, Ayame arrives. She needs they stand down. Their leader points his rifle at she face. Will Ayame have the ability to convince him come relent? Or will he death her together so many other people in the city have actually been killed?

Mumei, trapped as the fused colony’s heart, look at the Kabane as red butterflies in she mind. All of the human being that she watched die, native her mother to comrades in arms, denounce her for still being alive.

As they’re prepare to withdraw,Sahari, Biba’s cook strategist, watch Ikoma approaching. He arrays his troops to avoid the Kabaneri. Will certainly he succeed? will certainly Ikoma with Mumei in time? What will Biba carry out to avoid them?

The rest the this review may have spoilers, so please be careful!

What occurred (Spoilers!) in Kabaneri of the stole Fortress illustration 12

Kongoukaku in Flames

The shogun’s city burns together Kabane dominion the streets. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Kongoukaku, city that the currently deceased shogun, is in flames. Kabaneroam the streets and attack any type of humans left alive. Several of the city’s survivors gather in front of the stockade in which Kajika and also the rather from theKoutetsujouare imprisoned. The survivors, armed with agriculture implements, blame the Koutetsujou’s crew for bringing the Kabane to their city. Elsewhere, remnants the the city’s bushi try in vain to prevent the development of the fused colony whose love is Mumei.

Biba watches and also ponders as he sit on the throne.

It’s right into this scene that Ikoma and Kurusu descend and also begin laying garbage to vast numbers that Kabane. In between Ikoma’s arm-mounted gun, Kurusu’s Kabane Katana, and their cooperation, the Kabane can’t stand against them.

After they clear the area, Ikoma notices the his vision is fading. Kurusu is afraid the Ikoma’s silence means he’s becoming a Kabane and also promises to placed an finish to that if that happens. Kurusu to be being type in his very own way.

They proceed toward their goal: Mumei’s unify colony. The scientist Kurusu had recorded in previous episodes confessed that the white blood would turn Mumei back into a continual Kabaneri. Unfortunately, there’s only sufficient for one dose. Ikoma’s set on rescuing Mumei. He to know this is a one method trip.

Ayame procedures Up

Ayame wins the mob end by straight confronting their rebellion — and also their fears. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Back at the stockade, the lot is acquiring ready come burn theKoutetsujou’s crew alive. Ayame arrives with two remaining court officials. She demands they put down your weapons. One of the leaders, proclaiming it’s her dutyto preserve order, points his rifle at her. She walks appropriate up come him, stares that in the eyes, and declares the order exist to safeguard the people. They need to declare battle not on every other, however on doubting hearts and also minds. Her resolve and courage, not to mention her wisdom, wins the over, and also he lowers the weapon. She invites him and the rest to sign up with her world as castle escape in theKoutetsujou.

Mumei’s physically trapped at the facility of the fused colony. In she mind, she’s running away native hordes the red butterflies. She can’t to escape them. She begins to check out visions that everyone who had ever died around her. They blame her for still gift alive. The fused colony reacts to her emotionally anguish through rampaging ever an ext violently with the city.Sahari, Biba’s chef strategist, is talk to Biba via phone to coordinate your escape. Then he sees Ikoma approaching. Biba andSahari are both astonished.

AtSahari’s command, Biba’s minions attack. Castle didn’t count on Kurusu’s arrival. In between the two of them, Ikoma and Kurusudecimate the opposition.Sahari isn’t Biba’s strategist for nothing, though. He maneuvers Ikoma into standing on the train tracks as Sahari take away his positionon the engine that the approachingKokujou. Number of minions try to host Ikomathere, and but the time he fights lock off, the train’s upon him.

Ikoma find a new Black Blood Power

Ikoma discovers a brand-new and devastating side result of the black blood. Record from the Crunchyroll stream.

Unconsciously, he reaches the end his hand. Some sort of magical power born from the black color blood propels the train off the track. It explodes, the debris raining onto the burn city below.

Ikoma’s vision degrades much more quickly. Together he’s gathering his wits, Sahari, having actually jumped indigenous the exploding train, attacks. Ikoma gets the ideal of him and also blows Sahari’sheart with his back.

Biba is amazed. Ikoma has actually taken so much physical, emotional, and psychological damage, yet he does no break. As he’s contemplating that, his scientists approach, saying the the Kabane space spreading too fast. They provide him a vial the the white blood simply in case. Uryuu, city hall nearby, asks in an virtually resigned voice if his following target is Ikoma. He’s shocked as soon as Biba claims no; Uryuu is come evacuate what remains of theirpeople. Biba says that a dying guy is call him and leaves.

A fallout’s boulder the end Ikoma and also Kurusu. Kurusu tells Ikoma to proceed the mission; Kurusu turns to face the Kabane throng that had followed them.

Mumei’s mental in Retreat

In her mind, the red butterflies have defeated Mumei. She sits, mourning the “weak” component of her that can never return. Then she senses Ikoma’s method as a solitary silver butterfly. As it approached her, the horde the red butterflies swarmed it. The fused swarm crashed come the ground, its heart shed to confusion.

In the physical realm, Ikoma ideologies the fused colony, its silver heart plainly visible. Before he can obtain to Mumei, though, Biba arrives.

Biba come to stand in between Ikoma and also Mumei. Catch from the Crunchyroll stream.

Ikoma’s vision is half gone by this time. Together Biba approaches, he says he’s been waiting for a heart that has actually no fear; here’s here to hunting it. The rushes Ikoma, who additionally springs forward.

As they fight, Biba asks what’s so necessary that Ikoma would certainly take the black color blood. Ikoma answers that he promised to turn Mumei human again. Biba, a solider with years the training, is able to thrust his Kabane-blade into Ikoma’s shoulder.

Mumei, tho trapped in she mind, look at the single blue/white butterfly surrounded and beset through uncountable red butterflies.

But Ikoma’s not done yet. Collection his continuing to be strength, using the same power he provided on theKokujou, he shatters Biba’s blade and also throws him come the ground. And also though Biba’s respond to attacks and breakshis left arm, Ikoma supplies that same power again to disentangle himself. But as he move to win Biba, Ikoma’s vision fails, and also he stands, blind and defenseless.

Ikoma Pushed past His physical Limits

Biba automatically understands what’s happening and quietly movesbehind Ikoma. Mumei, still perceiving the world around her euphemistically, do the efforts in vain to speak to out. Climate she pressures her physical self to fall the river rock into the water. Somehow, Ikoma provided that sound to locate Biba, and also he fired his weapon. He seversBiba’s left arm. Moreover, he reveals that Biba to be a Kabaneri, too. Stunned, weakened by the ns of blood, Biba collapses.

Ikoma provides his means towards the sound, knowing Mumei to be there. Detect her, that injects her v the white blood. The fused colony melts away. Mumei comes complimentary of it.

Mumei regains consciousnesson her back in the water. Somehow, she’s found the river stone again. Her joy at seeing it quickly turns to dread once she look at Ikoma, his last toughness spent, laying unconscious. She’s horrified as soon as Biba rises and also begins firing at the please Ikoma.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to save a poor man down. That’s as soon as it’s time for teamwork. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Telling Ikoma that he’s no done fighting yet, Biba rushes forward, about to stab Ikoma v the stays of his Kabane-blade. Mumei, she Kabaneri stamin restored, darts between them and also stabs Biba v his Kabaneriheart. The can’t think she elevated her hand versus him.

Mumei Reclaims Her identity

Telling him that she desire he’d hear to she sometimes, and that she intends come eat rice through her friend in the future. “I see, Mumei,” he says.

“No,” she replies. “I’m Hozumi.”

She catches his body as it falls and also lays it tenderness on the ground.

Back at theKoutetsujou, the formerly useless community leaders (the persons who had demanded Ayame turn the Koutetsujou over to them in earlier episodes) assisted organize the refugeesas castle boarded. Meanwhile, Ayame, great guy Kibito, Yukina, Sukari, and also other plan their escape route. They’re in ~ a loss; all of the rail lines it seems to be ~ damaged.

That’s as soon as Uryuu arrives v a handful of Biba’s minions. Except for Uryuu, they’re every injured. He offers to tell lock the escape course that Biba had planned. The condition? Ayame evacuates them in addition to her people.

Ayame Again mirrors Her Leadership

Ayame’s bushi room aghast. A tiny girl, remembering just how Biba’s people had treated her and her household in captivity, strides up to him and slaps him across the face. He seems to know he had it coming. Ayame takes the currently crying girl in she arms and also says they should cooperate. She observes that the minions below are hurting, or they would have actually used force to compel the crew of the Koutetsujou to obey.

In gratitude, Uryuu not just tells them the way out, he tells them that Ikoma and Kurusu are now in the city.

Suzuki figures out how to attach Kajika to the shogun’s public attend to system. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Kurusu come to find Mumei/Hozumi kneeling alongside the quiet unconscious Ikoma. Together they’re make the efforts to decision what to do, lock hearKajika’s voice telling them where to meet for evacuation. Suzuki and the other vapor smiths had found out just how to tap right into the shogun’s public attend to system. Mumei pipeline her brother’s body covered with flowers. Kurusu shoulders Ikoma, and they head because that the rendezvous point.

Mumei scavenges a rifle and also clears the path for the burdened Kurusu.

Ikoma together a shot Put

Unable to stop since of the Kabane, theKoutetsujou hoists a catch net. Mumei litter the unconscious Ikoma, then leapsherself. Kurusu jumps, and nearly falls off. Ayame grabs his hands simply in time to steady him. The blushes. Yet he doesn’t allow go together he announces that he has actually returned.

The train pipeline the city.

Mumei/Hozumi ties to wake Ikoma. She claims he can’t die; the promised to rotate her human being again. He lastly comes to and asks she to prevent shaking him. Together his glowing blue/white love shrinks and also becomes a “normal” Kabaneri heart, she realizes that somehow, her brothers had offered the white blood to Ikoma.

As theKoutetsujou crosses a lake, Mumei/Hozumi returns the river stone to Ikoma, saying that he “forgot” it. She smiles.

What I preferred Kabaneri that the iron Fortress illustration 12

Animation Conveys Dramatic Weight

Mumei’s fused colony was graceful, almost beautiful — and lethal ~ above a grand scale. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The animation for Mumei’s fused colony was beautiful in a terrifying way. It to be mammoth yet moved gracefully; graceful however deadly.

I’ve lived the OP (opening music) because I an initial heard it. It’s melancholy, it’s dramatic, and also it’s fast-paced. Egoist’svocalist strikes just the appropriate tone. You can buy the tune from Amazon if you’re interested.

In this episode, Kurusu appears to have welcomed Ikoma together a comrade in arms. ~ their first battle sinceentering the city, Ikoma takes a moment to conference himself, and Kurusu is afraid he’s succumbingto the effects of the black blood. Once he claims he’ll death Ikoma prior to that happens, i think Kurusu to be being sort in a military sort that way. He wouldn’t let a comrade come to be a Kabane, and the unstated agreement is that Ikoma wouldn’t want to end up being a Kabane.

Ayame has come a long method since the an initial episodes! Before, she to be demure and self effacing. She avoided confrontation. As the series moved forward, she driven herself to grow into the management vacuum left when her father fell and became a Kabane. In this episode, she proved that her courage had actually blossomed, and also she was able to unflinchingly confront an armed man and also talk that down. There’s no substitute because that character development. For me, Ayame’s growth practicallyjustified the totality series.

Ikoma Ties up a loosened End

Though I concern Sahari surviving the train’s explosion, I need to admit it felt great to listen Ikoma say, “You killed too many” together he fires his gun. Sahari had to go.

I known the music to be designed to evoke the emotion. I saw exactly how the plot positioned Mumei’s moment of despair to enhance the feeling. Yet darn it, I assumed Mumei’s reaction to Ikoma’s method was spot on.

Trapped in her own imagination, Mumei nonetheless senses Ikoma’s approach. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Ikoma placed up a great fight against Biba, but even v his Kabaneri strength, he’s still a vapor smith. True, Mumei and also Kurusu both tried come train him, however he’s no warrior. If he had been alone against Biba, that would have lost. And also I favor that! He’s a reality hero whose desires are method bigger 보다 his capacity to deliver. Yet that’s no the finish of the story. He’s no alone; he has actually friends like Mumei who step in when he demands help. Because I dislike indomitable and also perfect heroes, ns really like Ikoma’s character and the course he took v the series.

The attitude Mumei had when she stabbed Biba was nearly identical to the one she had when she stabbed Ikoma. The only difference I could see was an essential one: the elevation of the blade. Precision was always important to Mumei.

Mumei/Hozumi Finishes the Job

Mumei (Hozumi!) gained to land the finishing blow on Biba. Ikoma took it as much as the could. He completed his score of conserving Mumei. Then, she obtained to return the favor. I also thought she verified her superior ethical character when she caught Biba’s body as it fell. In she eyes, she to be still his brother, and also though she knew she had to kill him, she didn’t need to lose her necessary humanity to carry out it. That was the high suggest of the display for me.

Uryuu had to recognize that his proposal (Ayame taking him and the remnants that his men) on theKoutetsujou could be unpopular. He showed his character once he take it the tiny girl’s slap and didn’t reproach her. I think the narrative all set me for Uryuu being a reasonable man, and also I believed his proposal to be a brave front to a desperate plea.

Across the whole series, this is my favorite shot the Biba. Mumei also left flower for the — more a reflection of her mankind than his. Catch from the Crunchyroll stream.

I believed the idea the a capture net was a little over the top, but I had actually to chuckle at the gusto Mumei showed when she threw Ikoma.

So Kurusu lastly made some headway through Ayame! It’s lover to view a warrior the his calibre reduced to blushing while just holding hands through his princess.

I assumed it was poignant that Mumei/Hozumi referred to as Ikoma her shield together she make the efforts to wake up him up. Ns really appreciated seeing their relationship develop. It never descending into some parody the a romance, which to be great, offered her age. Instead, he observed her together a small sister, and also she pertained to see him as a protector.

As Ikoma regained consciousness, Mumei/Hozumi’s laugh was beautiful.

And you understand what? Biba didn’t live with the episode! It’s a an excellent day…

What i Liked less in Kabaneri of the iron Fortress illustration 12

Ikoma’s Questionable decision

Oh, Ikoma. Why’d you stand on the train tracks as theKokujouapproached? I recognize you’re a vapor smith unschooled in fight tactics, yet dang, dude! Don’t stand in prior of a train! Well, maybeSahari really did tell his guys to cheat Ikoma to was standing there. That’s just how I gift it in my summary above. Otherwise, Ikoma’s action would have damaged the scene’s dramatic effect!

And utilizing a hand gesture to litter a train turn off its tracks? If the step wasn’t for this reason stupidly cool (animation and also music were really over the top), I might have something an unfavorable to say about that!

Sahari endured an exploding train? Really? Well, at least we gained to watch Ikoma resolve the problem. Catch from the Crunchyroll stream.

I acquire that Sahari is a solid fighter. However surviving a violently exploding train? and also landing on the tracks? and also still gift in good enough form to attack Ikoma? end the height I deserve to take; pretending there’s no top is a bit much.

Biba’s Been wait for, What Now?

So, Biba’s been wait for a soul with no fear? What’s the about? when did that layout start? and also what does he median that Ikoma had no fear? He to be plenty afraid, and he admitted it, too! one of two people Biba’s a finish idiot (plausible!), or he’s cliche (plausible!). Or he’s a cliche you are fool (probable?).

Where’d Mumei acquire the river stone? to be it the same one? ns don’t understand exactly how she could have obtained it as soon as the critical time we saw it was in Takumi’s dead hands.

I didn’t think the the city required to punch up as theKoutetsujou left. The scenes of the monitor collapsing just as the train clearing them, at least in mine opinion, weren’t necessary. It’s prefer the end of a James Bond movie where whatever blows up in ~ the end. Where’d lock hide all the explosives? execute Kabane sudden blow up when they see their food escape? ns mean, I recognize it sound strange to complain about hyperbole in this series, yet I founds the explosions come be also much.

Thoughts about Kabaneri that the iron Fortress episode 12

Did Kabaneri that the stole Fortress Deliver?

I knew Kabaneri’s pedigree before I began watching. Ns knew a lot of the exact same talent operated on assault on Titan (available for streaming on Crunchyroll). Based upon that, ns had specific expectations:

Frenetic paceCliff-hanger illustration endingsInteresting, yet not deep characters

The Koutetsujou was to this collection what the companies was to Star Trek. Catch from the Crunchyroll stream.

Honestly? Kabaneri gone beyond my expectations. Yes, I got all 3 of the things I expected. But, particularly for number 3, Kabaneri go beyond strike on Titan. Ikoma, a vapor smith, becomes a Kabaneri through aspirations to conserve humanity. He kind of succeeds top top a small scale and has to rely on comrades and also friends to make real headway. Ayame start out as a awkward wallflower and ends up utilizing her leadership to defuse a lethal situation and also save she people. Mumei beginning out together a unidimensional killing device utterly specialized to a manipulative brother. She end the collection with her humanity intact and her emotional ties to Ayame and her crew more powerful than ever.

Could have actually Used a better Villain

Putting the positive notes aside for a second, I need to say something negative: Biba. I get his motivation, but I think he might have to be a much more compelling villain. The team roughly him, I can understand. Few of them joined v the Hunters since they loved killing. Most, favor the tragicHorobiandUryuu (always uncomfortable through the too much cruelty several of his fellows displayed), felt like well-drawn characters who to be as much victims the circumstance as anything else.

But Biba? ns couldn’t buy into his pathos.

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Now the Biba’s out of the way, I want to provide honorable mention to theKoutetsujou. TheKoutetsujou is come Kabaneri what the companies is to Star Trek, or the Seaview is to trip to the Bottom the the Sea. While possibly not as totally realized together those other much more famous ships, theKoutetsujou is as much a character in Kabaneri as plenty of of the people. It has actually an interesting design, that behaved follow to resolved rules, and the characters in the series depended on the to save them alive. I have to say that I preferred thatHayajiro. It helped define the show’s character.

All in all, a good start to what ns hope’s a long franchise. Girlfriend might have the ability to increase the odds of that happening. Crunchyroll just announced they have actually the civil liberties to Kabaneri’s home video clip release. I hope it’s a financially rewarding partnership for them and also Kabaneri’s creators!

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