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It's prefer that line was especially written come cater come the Suzuki fans. Very appreciated, through the way.

not gona lie, ns was nice happy come hear the again. Can he acquire omake side story or miscellaneous documenting life top top the train?

Back about episode 4, civilization were hope they wouldn't continue to be on the train all season. Ns so great they had stayed on the train every season.

I made that to around episode 4 before I dropped the series.

Did the get any kind of better? due to the fact that I was completely done with the, "how can we to trust this male who has actually literally saved our lives half a dozen time from zombies? We better abandon that while we're getting killed through zombies."

Definitely. That scientist dude hyped his death up so lot as a big sacrifice and also jack shit come out the it.

I assumed the same, but from the minute Biba's subordinate handed end the "white stuff," it was almost particular that Ikoma would be surviving. If they had actually killed off him after the it would have just been bad writing or a disingenuous tease.

I agree, yet on the other hand (assuming the was since of the serum's time limit) that would typical he passed away of his own stupidity: that jumped the gun on giving himself the shot.

I yes, really didn't like that the Hunters basically got a slap on the wrist because that ruining/killing an entire city and Takumi since "they are additionally suffering". There's cooperation and then there's no letting the people who simply fucked up everything come together with you since they don't have the strength to pressure you anymore. Ayame is a bit too idealistic considering every the ingredient she has actually seen.

You can't asking for also much. Blue-kun is the nicer of the bunch. At least that meanie Sahari is dead. Whereby did the physician go though?

Being realistic, what around Ayame herself? She's fucking singlehandedly responsible for helping Biba wipe the end a vast chunk the the population.

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They just did a 'he was threatening my people!' and also then glossed end the reality that she aided him, understanding what he to be going to do.