In an undated photo, Joseph D. Porter, 27, through Karen L. Rodriguez-Bermudez, 26, that was killed Saturday through David Kimowitz, 40, of Maplewood. Porter is charged with two counts of murder.Facebook



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The new Jersey man accused in a double-killing supplied a vital his au pair girlfriend gave him to go into a Maplewood home at an early stage Saturday, stabbed the woman’s ceo to death and then chased her under the street to assault her v a knife since she make the efforts to finish their relationship, authorities stated in court documents.

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The new details in the bloody killings of brand-new York City comedy club owner David Kimowitz, 40, and also his family’s live-in nanny, Karen Bermudez-Rodriguez, 26, arised in the affidavit that probable cause written through police in support of killing charges against Joseph D. Porter, 27, of Elizabeth.

Porter tried to flee the country after killing Kimowitz and also Bermudez-Rodriguez, but was caught at Newark Liberty worldwide Airport prior to he could board a trip to Cancun, Mexico, authorities said in the court documents.

Texts acquired from the couple’s mobile phones showed Bermudez-Rodriguez and Porter had messaged each other from 1:30 to 2 a.m. Saturday and that Bermudez-Rodriguez composed she wanted to break up through Porter, authorities said.

“Joseph texted ago that he to be upset v Ms. Bermudez-Rodriguez since she was trying to end the relationship,” the complaint states. Bermudez-Rodriguez also texted Porter that she wanted her tricks to the house back, follow to the complaint.


Joseph D. Porter that Elizabeth is charged through two counts of murder in the deaths of an au pair and her ceo in Maplewood.Essex county Jail

In one interview through investigators in ~ the Essex ar Prosecutor’s Office, Porter admitted he “used Karen’s an essential to open the door,” follow to the complaint. “Porter then went to the second-floor bedroom whereby he behavior to pick up a knife and stab David Kimowitz.”

After stabbing Kimowitz, Porter bound Bermudez-Rodriguez’s hands with tape, however she managed to break complimentary and fled the house on the 400 block the Walton Road, authorities said. Porter caught up v her several hundred feet far in front of an additional house on woodland Road, authorities said.

“Porter caught up come Ms. Bermudez-Rodriguez and attacked her with the knife,” investigators composed in the complaint. “Porter climate fled.”

Porter used a various knife in that stabbing, authorities said. Police obtained a call reporting a man attacking a woman around 6 a.m. And found Bermudez-Rodriguez in the street still with tape on her hands. She was rushed to a hospital, where she was later pronounced dead, authorities said.

The neighbor called police he heard world fighting and also looked outside to view a male assaulting the woman, follow to the complaint. At the very least a portion of the assault was catches on video surveillance, authorities said.


David Kimowitz, 40, was killed Saturday together with his family's au pair, Karen L. Rodriguez-Bermudez, 26.Facebook

Inside the house, officers discovered Kimowitz dead native stab wounds and a knife top top the floor nearby, police said. Kimowitz to be a renowned entrepreneur who owned The stand Restaurant and also Comedy club in new York City. He lived at the residence with his wife and also children, however they were not house at the time, authorities said.

Bermudez-Rodriguez to be a student from Colombia who began babysitting because that the Kimowitz familys an ext than a year ago, according to a family friend called Johan Montoya. He created in Spanish come tacoemojishirt.com advancement Media that she remained in the U.S. To learn English.


Karen Bermudez-Rodriguez, 26, was killed Saturday along with her boss, David Kimowitz, 40. Police speak the alleged killer, Joseph D. Porter, was upset the woman wanted to break up v him.Facebook

Porter had actually visible scratches and marks roughly his neck as soon as he was taken into custody, authorities said.

Porter is charged with two counts that murder, 2 weapons charges and also criminal restraint. The is being organized in the Essex ar Jail pending a first appearance hearing later this week, jail documents show.

The killings stunned occupants in Maplewood and a small vigil was hosted at a local park Sunday night.

“We’re sad for both households — the household who resides here and also has remained in the ar for the last couple of years and of food the au pair who was functioning for them," claimed Maplewood mayor Victor De Luca, who did not understand either the the victims. "It’s a very tragic domestic incident that had just a horrible, terrible result.”

Ritila Reis, a 30-year-old nanny native Elizabeth, approached the fist tape as she pushed a stroller top top Jefferson way on Monday morning. More than a dozen bouquets were at her feet.

But he was heartened to see discussions online around ways to help. One person wanted come raise money to send Bermudez-Rodriguez’s body earlier to Colombia. One more was trying to find ways to support women in possibly abusive relationships.

Less than a half-mile indigenous the Kimowitz family’s home, 2 five-year-old boys named Markus and Lukas Cano were walking close to Ricalton Square Park Monday when they spotted a flag pole extended in fancy paper.

Their dad, Jose Cano-Oconor, complied with them over. Twenty-five messages, many in Spanish, covered the pole. Candles burned below, beside a framed snapshot of Bermudez-Rodriguez.


On Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, candles melted at a makeshift memorial at Ricalton Square Park in Maplewood for Karen Bermudez-Rodriguez, 26, among two human being killed beforehand Saturday at a adjacent home.

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