Like no plain bullpup, the RDB collection of rifles redefines the platform. You’ve never experienced balance or a create quite prefer this in any type of other design. The RDB is completely ambidextrous due to its patented downward-ejection, magazine catch/release placement, intuitive safety and reversible operating handle. The RDB series of bullpups delivers a 5.56/.223 ballistic advantage in a really compact package that’s straightforward to manipulate for just around anyone.

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This unrivaled design sends invested brass downward with the stock, behind the magwell making that a truly ambidextrous bullpup rifle. Gone room the days of warm gas & brass flying the end of a side-ejection port… you’re welcome, southpaws.

Bullpup triggers space notoriously bad, so we tackled that issue head on and also won. This create is exceptionally smooth, v a quite take-up and clean break. Merged with a 1:7 twist barrel, all RDB models offer fantastic accuracy.

All the the RDB models run off of the same adjustable gas piston system. This feature allows the user come tailor the bolt carrier speed to get rid of excessive recoil while to run a suppressor and also ensure reliability for assorted loads.


RDB means Rifle Downward-ejecting Bullpup and also the 17 points to the barrel length. This variant is the original and features a high-impact resistant Zytel forend with integrated Picatinny-style rail ~ above the bottom for mounting accessories. Prefer all the RDB variants, it’s completely ambidextrous, accurate and also compact.

MSRP: $1000

RDB Defender

The RDB Defender is the result of acquisition the RDB and also the RDB Survival and also mashing them increase to forge the perfect 5.56, light-duty, tactical bullpup. It’s lightweight, come standard through an aluminum, M-LOK handguard, collapsable stock and also 16″ pencil file barrel. Defend your property, your community and your homeland through the most tactically versatile bullpup on the sector with the RDB Defender.

MSRP: $1300

RDB Hunter™

Unlike any type of other searching rifle on the market, the RDB Hunter attributes a timeless style share assembly that homes a great trigger and also cross bolt safety. The forend is sleek, ergonomic and features a swivel stud bipod mount. The 20″ threaded barrel is sure to give you many of velocity out of your favorite searching loads.

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MSRP: $1000

RDB Survival™

This is the smallest and lightest in the RDB lineup. The RDB survival was designed for every one of you ago country folks the want facility fire rifle strength in a really compact, lightweight package without offering up velocity. This variant features a 16″ lightweight barrel, urgent sights and collapsible stock.