MYRTLE BEACH, SC ( – crucial West Grill at Broadway at the Beach will certainly close ~ 25 years.

Jay Rodriguez, Public relations director for LHWH, confirmed the closure come News13 Thursday.

“Key West Grill has been serving guests at Broadway in ~ the Beach due to the fact that we opened up 25 year ago,” Rodriguez said. “It is regrettably to check out them leave. We are working on the next amazing offering for our guests.”

Several various other businesses in ~ Broadway in ~ the Beach have actually closed in recent months.

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In December, it was announced the Liberty Brewery and also Grill would certainly close after almost 25 years.

In August, News13 reported that themovie theaterat Broadway in ~ the Beach had closed after ~ 23 years. A authorize on the door check out “Broadway 16 is now closed. Give thanks to you for being ours guest because that the critical 23 years!! please visit our AMC Myrtle coast Mall location for future movies.”

In December 2018, News13 report Broadway in ~ the Beach’s ar of“Broadway Louie’s”would near after nearly 20 years.

In November, News13’s Matt Fortin report Broadway at the Beach had filed plans v the city tobuild a brand-new restaurantalong through several extr retail buildings.


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