Seeing as there"s lots of human being with same or similiar problems I chose to create this little list.First that all, if you"re unsure around your hardware or software you must use Speccy. The an introduction page of Speccy speak you all you need(if you just DON"T want to use Speccy, also though it"s indigenous Piriform, you have the right to use Dxdiag although it"s a little bit chaotic).0) Restart her PC and also router. That"s automatic, aye?1) Your computer doesn"t have actually the hardware minimal demands to run the video game - There"s really nothing you have the right to do except for buying a brand-new PC. If it"s only the Intel graphic that"s limiting you you might shot some that the fixes, back the game probably will be buggy because Intel HD 2000/3000 is unsupported. For Intel HD 2500, Intel HD 4000 or greater you need to update her drivers.(thanks Valenfield)2) You have Intel HD graphics + a committed GPU - The video game will many likely try to usage your Intel graphics. You have actually to get in NVIDIA manage center and creating a custom profile because that KF2 in 3D settings or to CCC in case you have actually AMD graphics card and making the video game to use "high power" graphic card.3) her operating mechanism needs to it is in either windows 7/8/8.1/10(compatibility mode is reportedly needed) and also it needs to be 64-bit.Windows Vista reported to work after doing 16)4) shot uninstalling and reinstalling PhysX - Yes, even you, AMD usersC:Program papers (x86)Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2\_CommonRedist5) appropriate click the executable and try to operation it together an adminC:Program records (x86)Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2BinariesWin64KFGame.exe6) try deleting game"s folder in records DocumentsMy GamesKillingFloor27) try installing other stuff from _CommonRedistC:Program papers (x86)Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2\_CommonRedist
try reinstalling your GPU drivers9) Fixes from official announcement -Verify steam cache. Right-click ~ above KF2 in heavy steam Library > properties > Local papers > Disconnect USB controllers and also other HID gadgets except for keyboard and mouseRestart steam clientLaunch steam (or collection the game .exe) to launch as an Administrator10) MSI Afterburner supposedly stays clear of the game to run for some civilization - rotate off MSI Afterburner and also any other program you don"t need and shot launching the video game again.11) IF video game WORKS IN steam OFFLINE setting - this is many likely resulted in by your heavy steam avatar. It needs to have actually uniform borders(184x184 max, i beg your pardon works). Try using mine if you desire to make sure12) shot turning off heavy steam Overlay - Steam>Settings>in-Game> uncheck Enable vapor overlay13) Someone stated that clean temp files helped - You can do it manually or download Ccleaner, uncheck "only delete files older 보다 24 hours" in progressed settings, uncheck your internet browser settings under the "applications" tab and click operation Cleaner14) shot disabling firewall and also your antivirus15) Reinstall DirectX For some reason video game in some situations uses 32bit DLLs. Try replacing them through 64bit DLLs (0xc000007b crash)C:Program papers (x86)Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2BinariesWin6417) Might shot this out save in mind the replacing DLLs can be possibly risky.18) Try setting -dx10 together a launch choice - nature > collection launch options19) If you"re on W8, try using windows 7 compatibliity mode - right click the .exe - nature - compatibility. If you"re ~ above W10 shot W8 compatibility.20) try installing audio drivers from her motherboard manufacturer"s website21) >NVCUDA.DLL error - Copy NVCUDA.dll indigenous C:WindowssysWOW64 and also paste in C:Windowssystem3222) msvcr110.dll is lacking - try installing 2013 version of C++ redist. If you"re to run Nvidia card and also tried everything currently then shot downgrading her drivers. nothing functions for you shot copypasting the an overview page indigenous Speccy here, could be something you"re doing wrong. Or you can just...24) Reinstall your OS or wait because that a patch0a) If friend have problems with connecting/finding servers try setup your game to English.0b) If the video game works but totally turns turn off your pc it"s most probably your PSU also though the problem might not be reproducable in various other games. Refer to this list and get at least Tier 3 PSU, if you already have one you"ll more than likely need one with more wattage and/or a much better tier.0c) No voice exhilaration - right now only functions in English.

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Readjust the video game language.0d) Audio concerns - could be resolved with GPU and audio drivers. If not then this subject might help you0e) stuttering high-end cards0f) Gore isn"t working how it should be - fix0g) just how to bind numpad keys0h) possible fix because that screwed up resolution for Nvidia users0i) If you store losing link within a minute of joining try this fix0j) If you usage DxTory you"ll most likely need to perform this rather your game will crash0k) any type of of WinSOCK problem (87,10107 etc.) or CANT-FIND-ANY-SERVER problem