Does anyone rather think they are dating? illustration 499 provided me vibes that they are particularly with her complying with him around and sitting beside each other. Ns am additionally watching Mom’s diary and also wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to bring it as much as the moms if they weren’t?


I think they just have good on display chemistry. I do though have actually a feeling they’re both dating someone. The couple line and teasing native members of them has actually so disappeared.

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Nah. Hong jin young just likes come ham it up because that jokes and likewise attention. Your post pretty lot proves the viral facet of why she walk it. And also that’s more than likely why kjk plays along so much. I average I’m certain he thinks she’s cute tho

No, i don't think they are dating. Seem more like close girlfriend to me. Not super close yet close enough that have the right to joke around with.

If they were dating, there were rumors that they might've stopped right before the SBS award shows last year.*

HJY had declared in one interview the she wanted to it is in with guys that she felt much more comfortable around.

If anything illustration 499 proved that they weren't dating. KJK do very particular jokes towards her spring at various other men, which he commonly does not with female guest. He likewise seemed means less into joking around this time roughly compared the previous times HJY had actually been on the show. Even the moms quit making comments on little Old young in regards wanting KJK to go out through HJY after HJY's mother joined.

Can only find the short article on AllKpop, i beg your pardon is not my favorite site, so i won't attach it, but:

On April 16, Hong Jin Young guested on SBS strength FM's 'Kim Young Chul's power FM.' during the show, the DJ asked, \"What's your partnership with Kim Jong Kook now?\"<...>

Hong Jin Young replied, \"That's a story of the past. We've currently become just close sunbae-hoobae. He's not my type. I favor someone that I have the right to be comfortable with,\" and emphasized your love heat is old news.

I feel prefer there's not a many room for translate there, unless you think she's outright lying. Ns personally think it's simply meant to it is in a loveline. There space points wherein it feels prefer she's just kind of trying to stroked nerves him since it's funny.

Idk however as a KJK fan, ns felt offended for him. Right out saying the he's not her form and that she's uncomfortable through him is kinda rude because that me, given that that was her who always does the first move. I acquire it that it's what the PDs told she to do but after watching exactly how she behaved in ep 499, gurl ya acquired me annoyed

Hes definitely got a girlfriend for sure though ns still mental kwangaoo pulling out eye makeup from his van. Kim Jong Kook doesnt wear almost any makeup because that the present or in general.

That being stated im a delulu somin jongkook ahipper so i dont acquired much credibility.

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The eyeliner more than likely belongs to his stylist Ji-Sun, doesn't have to be a girlfriend and also the valve is his manager Gap-Jin's key vehicle.

I remeber KJK claimed they have actually not contacting each other once not on camera..tbh though the old young is as well shy to interact imho