Level Master¶

For this trophy, Sora’s level needs to reach the maximum it deserve to be, Level 99. Donald and Goofy’s level perform not impact the trophy at all.

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Reaching Level 99 will certainly not come naturally to you in your playvia, as it requires a whopping 2,881,715 EXP to max Sora’s level. Unfortunately, through the Pride Rock technique being nerfed in the Final Mix version of the game (which would have otherwise decreased the grind to an hour at best), you currently have actually no option but to grind for this the old-fashioned method, with the strategy in-depth below.

Equip the Gull Wing Keyblade to Sora (if you don’t have actually this Keyblade already, return to the Postern in Radiant Garden after the occasions of the Battle of the 1000 Heartmuch less and also the Gullwing trio will certainly give it to you after a cutscene). This Keyblade’s capacity will double Sora’s endure intake when his wellness is at fifty percent or lower. Next off equip the Experience Boost ability for 4AP, which has actually the very same effect. Finally, de-equip Donald’s healing capability entirely. Head to Twilight’s View conserve suggest at The World That Never Was, and also proceed into the following room, allowing the Nobodies to attack you till your wellness is at half or much less. Once it is, start fighting the adversaries as normal. You’ll alert that each foe beat will certainly provide out practically 2,000 EXP or more. Proceed to the following room, and continue fighting eexceptionally Nobody you come across until you reach the Proof of Existence conserve suggest. Get in the 2 portals below which initially resulted in two boss fights in the story, and also defeat the additional Nobodies below. Once all that is finimelted, leave the people by means of the conserve point and re-enter the Twilight’s View save allude, repeating the whole process aget.

If you uncover your health is getting to dangerous levels at any kind of point, usage Curaga, and also enable the enemies to lug your HP to fifty percent health aacquire. De-equipping Donald’s healing move isn’t a necessity, but considering he heals Sora as shortly as Sora reaches the peril level of health, it’d be a constant distractivity from the fighting, so de-equip to stop a headache. Using this strategy, it is feasible to earn 70,000+ EXP per 5-10 minute run, assuming you attempt to defeat each Nobody prior to Donald and Goofy do, or at leastern provide the finishing blow. Level 99 isn’t such a tiresome grind using this method, and also should only take a couple of hrs at the majority of.


Lingering Will¶

This trophy is unlocked for defeating the optional boss in the game, Lingering Will. Lingering Will deserve to initially be combated as soon as eextremely civilization in the game has actually been cleared (100 Acre Woods included) and the last boss has actually been beat. Go to the Hevery one of the Cornerstone and there will certainly be a large portal on the wall behind it (Chip and Dale will contact you in the Gummi Ship as soon as it initially becomes available). Going via this portal issues an intense cutscene and the boss fight.

See the Side Quest area Lingering Will/Enigmatic Soldier for a complete overview on defeating him.


One-WInged Angel¶

This trophy is unlocked for beating the optional boss in the game, Sephiroth. Sephiroth deserve to initially be fought after the final boss fight in Space Paranoids. Go to the Dark Depths (previous the Great Maw wbelow the Battle of the 1000 Heartmuch less happened) to discover Sephiroth. Talking to him concerns a brief cutscene and the boss fight.

See the Side Quest area on Sephiroth for a full overview on exactly how to defeat him.


To Rule Them All¶

This trophy is unlocked for defeating all thirteenager optional bosses in the game of Organization XIII. These bosses can initially be dealt with in the Garden of Assemblage in the Cavern of Remembrance. Go to the Postern in Hollow Bastion and also enter the crack in the wall to the Cavern of Remembrance. Traverse with this long dungeon to finally arrive at the Garden of Assemblage, where the thirteenager boss fights can be involved after completing the game as soon as. Note that for all story-related Organization XIII members, you must defeat the final boss prior to defeating them, and also just for 5 members (Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Marluxia and Larxene) need to you defeat their Absent Silhouettes before the Documents battles are accessible.

Before delving right into the Replica File battles themselves, the places for Absent Silhouettes portals are as follows:

**Vexen** : After the Peddler"s shop is remodeled on Sora"s second visit to Agrabah, the portal to Vexen"s battle appears in the Peddler"s Shop. **Lexaeus** : After the Nobodies are defeated in the Sandlot on Sora"s second visit to Twilight Tvery own, the portal to Lexaeus"s fight shows up in the Sandlot. **Zexion** : Upon reaching the Inner Chamber on Sora"s first visit to the Olympus Coliseum, the portal to Zexion"s battle appears in the Inner Chamber. **Marluxia** : After Beastern asks Sora and also Belle to leave the castle, the portal to Marluxia"s battle appears in The Beast"s Room. **Larxene** : After Soran initial lands at Isla de Muerta on Sora"s first visit to Port Royal, the portal to Larxene"s battle shows up at the Rock Face.

Once these are defeated (any level over Level 40 will make them a painmuch less battle) and you have actually completed the game, you deserve to officially fight all thirteenager members of the Organization in the Garden of Assemblage. These are Data Replica battles, where their HP is vastly raised and their damage output is much more dangerous. Each member has a different tactic or weakness, so no 2 fights will certainly be afavor in regards to what your strategy need to be. Check out the **Absent Silhouette** web page in the Side Quest area for even more details.

Mushroom Master¶

This trophy unlocks once you meet the requirements for all thirteen members of the Mushroom XIII. Mushroom XIII members don’t begin appearing until after you complete the game. They are Mushroom opponents dressed in equivalent outfits to Organization XIII, and also show up in different areas of the various civilizations. By approaching them and also pressing Triangle , you will certainly initate their challenge. Depfinishing on the top quality of your performance, you will be awarded a B, A or S rank. Mushroom XIII are had as part of the Missions for Conqueror as well, and also only a B rank is forced for the Missions.

Check out our full overview in the Side Quest area for even more details.

Trophy NameDetails
RookieWin the Pain and Panic Cup.
Novice HeroSuccess the Cerberus Cup.
Artisan HeroSuccess the Titan Cup.
True HeroVictory the Goddess of Fate Cup.
Coliseum CompetitorWin the Pain and Panic Paradox Cup.
Coliseum StarSuccess the Cerberus Paradox Cup.
Hero of the ColiseumSuccess the Titan Paradox Cup.
Coliseum ChampionSuccess the Hades Paradox Cup.


For this trophy, eexceptionally Character entry must be unlocked. This trophy will certainly be one of your last, bereason although you earned the large majority of the entries through herbal story development, all Organization XIII members and the Lingering Will have actually character entries too. This trophy will certainly not unlock until you are close to earning the Platinum in the game.

Heartless Highbrow¶

For this trophy, every Heartmuch less enattempt have to be unlocked. These will come reasonably naturally to you assuming you don’t rush via all of the worlds; the only entries you will certainly not obtain naturally are the Mushroom XIII, however considering you must do these anymeans for Mushroom Master, this trophy will certainly be one of your initially Journal-connected trophies.

Nobody Know-It-All¶

For this trophy, eextremely Nobody enattempt need to be unlocked. This will certainly certainly come naturally to you considering that tright here are much fewer Nobodies than Heartmuch less in the game. The only ones you might perhaps miss are exclusive to the Olympus Coliseum tournaments, however also so this trophy will unlock reasonably beforehand.

Treasure Hunter¶

For this trophy, eexceptionally treacertain chest have to be opened. Treasure chests are scattered around the people and host various items. Some deserve to be fairly well-hidden, however the majority are out in the open up. This is another trophy that will certainly be among your last because many kind of treacertain chests require maxed Drive Forms to accessibility, and also the last treasure chest in Hollow Bastion calls for you to defeat all Organization XIII members before it will end up being easily accessible in the Garden of Assemblage. As shortly as you have actually opened up eextremely chest, go to the Treasures tab in the Journal and the trophy will certainly unlock.

If you follow our walkwith, you will uncover them all through no problems.


For this trophy, eincredibly puzzle must be completed. Puzzles are a Final Mix exclusive mini-game. Pieces can be discovered in all of the civilizations, and you deserve to go to the Puzzles tab in the journal at any type of time to even more your progression. The puzzles are favor jigsaws of artoccupational of the game, and as soon as you finish one you’ll unlock a rare item. There are 5 puzzles altogether; the first two are simple enough, yet the last three can be rather complicated, some having over 60 pieces in full. Once you finish the final puzzle, the trophy will unlock.


For this trophy, eincredibly map in eextremely people must be collected. Maps are commonly sensibly easy to find, and also always lay in the significant treacertain chests as opposed to the smaller ones. Most are discovered on the main story course. The just maps that can be easily missed are the three in the Cavern of Remembrance, which are discovered in the Mining Area, Mineshaft and Garden of Assemblage areas as you progress.


For this trophy, eextremely Mission must be completed. This will certainly likewise be one of your last journal-connected trophies. Tright here many Missions to perform, through many type of in each world. Don’t bvarious other going for this till you complete the game so eextremely Mission is unlocked and ready to start. The vast majority of Missions are exceptionally basic and also you’ll probably just need to replay the mini-game section as soon as even more to unlock it, however considering each of the Mushroom XIII and optional bosses in the game have actually their Mission, it will certainly be a while till the trophy unlocks.

Minigame Maniac¶

For this trophy, every minigame need to be finish at least once. Tright here are most minigames, many type of of which you will certainly play normally in the story and will certainly have to replay again anyway for Missions. As such, this can be completed at any kind of time.

Check out the Minigame Section of the overview for even more details.

Limit Master¶

For this trophy, eextremely Limit should be provided at least when. Tright here are a number of Limits in the game, the majority of of them being exclusive to a human being, and also as such it is quite simple to neglect them entirely as you play. Thankfully you have the right to conveniently keep track of which have actually been provided by looking at them in the journal, so this trophy is another simple one – simply go back to the world or location wbelow you missed a Limit, usage it once and lug on.


For this trophy, the synthesis notes in the journal need to be completed. Synthesis retransforms in this game yet thanktotally it is a lot much less grindy than in the original game if you take some prealerts. You deserve to execute this whenever you desire in the game but it is recommended you leave it till post-game or at leastern late in the game bereason foe spawns are changed after a certain story-associated fight which actually make the product grinding easier.


For this trophy all Character Links should be unlocked. The majority will be unlocked as you progress with the story however you will certainly unlock this trophy pretty late on your means to the as all Organization XIII members, Mushroom XIII members and the Lingering Will should be beat to finish the links.

Pro Skater¶

For this trophy you need to rack up at leastern a score of at least 5000 making use of tricks while using the skateboard. This cannot be done during the Roxas prologue. This trophy deserve to just be earned in the skateboard mini-game at either Hollow Bastion or Halloween Tvery own.

In Hollow Bastion, you can simply go to the stairs leading up to the Bailey and just endlessly grind between the 2 walls to your left and also appropriate on the skateboard, yet this is a pretty tedious process. An less complicated and also much faster approach (despite having actually the pressure of a time limit) deserve to be used in Halloween Town. After completing the first episode of that civilization, soptimal to Lock at Yuletide Hill to initiate the mini-game. Immediately jump and spam X all the means over to the chutes at the various other side of the room, and when you’ve reached the optimal of the middle chute, start spamming the Square button favor crazy. You must conveniently ‘float’ above the chute and be able to endlessly spam the button until the difficulty ends, racking up points for every button push. Doing this, you have to just be able to spam enough to have the ability to reach 5000 points.

It might take a tiny bit of exercise (and also your thumb can obtain a tiny sore after a while!) yet you need to be able to earn the trophy no difficulty.

Struggle Champion¶

This trophy is unlocked by playing Struggle, a mini-game just accessible in the Sandlot in Twilight Town. This have the right to be unlocked as at an early stage as Roxas in the prologue, throughout the Struggle tournament. This is easiest to pull off against Hayner, as he is the slowest of the four rivals. Sindicate bash him consistently till you acquire all of his orbs and also run amethod till the time is up.

Corroded By Darkness¶

Antiform is one more Drive Form in the game that has a totally random chance of showing up. Whenever before you activate any kind of Drive Form, tright here is a tiny chance that Sora will certainly transform right into Anticreate as well, a dark, Heartless-choose version of Sora through significant speed and also power. For this trophy, you have to rotate right into Anticreate thirteenager times. There’s a catch, however: via each time Antidevelop happens, the chances of it happening aacquire decreases. By the time you gain to ten uses or so, the odds of it appearing are extremely low.

There is a way to respond to this. Equip the Two Become One Keyblade (derived after the boss fight at Memory’s Skyscraper in The World That Never before Was). This Keyblade has an capacity referred to as ‘Light & Dark’, which causes the activation of any kind of Drive Form to balance the odds of Anticreate appearing ago to 50% (Final Form being the various other possibility). To grind out the last few Antiform unlocks, go to the Cerberus Cup and also activate Valor or any develop. Whether or not Anticreate shows up, ago out immediately and rinse and also repeat till you reach thirteen unlocks.

Ace Pilot¶

This trophy is unlocked by completing a mission on eincredibly route via an S rank in the Gummi Ship. Something that catches a lot of human being out is that unfavor the original game which had you completing every one of the 30 Gummi Ship goals easily accessible in the game, this trophy is asking you to only finish a mere nine goals full, as the description says ‘complete a mission’ and also not ‘finish eexceptionally mission’.

With that sassist, much choose the original, eextremely course in the game has actually three objectives each, all through a comparable necessity. Mission 1 constantly asks you to collect a set amount of medals, Mission 2 always asks you to shoot dvery own a collection variety of adversary ships, and Mission 3 always asks you to reach a specific high score. Mission 2’s demands vary from course to course, whereas Mission 1 and 3’s requirements are always continual, being 30 medals and also 1,000,000 points respectively.

Instead of doing whatever before mission takes your fancy, it’s very recommended you perform eincredibly Mission 2 on each course as Gummi Ship blueprints are unlocked just in these goals, which are forced for Gummi Ship Collector.

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Top Gun¶

This trophy is unlocked for obtaining an S rank on a single EX mission for eextremely course (not all three). An EX mission is unlocked once you gain an S rank on any of the three regular missions. EX goals restrict the sort or variety of gummis you have the right to usage on the ship (e.g. a ship with no much less than 50 rate, and so on.)

Gummi Ship Collector¶

For this trophy you should unlock eextremely single blueprint in the game. Many blueprints are unlocked naturally as you progression through the game, and the last few are unlocked by obtaining an S rank on Mission 2 on every Gummi Ship course. The just exception to this is Assault of the Dreadnought wbelow you need to gain an S rank on all three goals.