Helps provide your back with ergonomic support.Body conforming design decreases earlier strain and pain and makes sitting more comfortable.An appropriate solution for the car, office or in ~ home.Mesh fabric enables comfortable airflow, minimizing perspiration.Comes with bungee cords to carry out a secure and also universal fit.Durable, lightweight and also portable.

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The KISS mine BACK™ mesh earlier support for chairs helps administer your ago with the ergonomic support it demands with that mesh ago support. Its body conforming design decreases back strain and pain and also makes sitting much more comfortable. It"s perfect solution for the car, office or at home. The mesh fabric permits air circulation to aid you stay comfortable. Kiss My earlier Specifications: Fits: many chairs. Measures: 16.5 inches broad x 15 tall x 6 deep.





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Our Mission

Our score is to be the leading provider of distinct home clinical supplies for people with varying physical needs. Us love to assist people enhance their lives and make it simpler for them.

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Return Policy

Yes, we room pleased to offer a Return Policy. Due to the fact that we offer only high-quality merchandise, we have remarkably short return rates. Ours Return Policy.

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