A photograph taken top top Sept. 27 that has actually gone viral while circulating amongst the virtual military neighborhood shows a guy at the dig of the Unknown Soldier in ~ Arlington nationwide Cemetery, kneeling down on one knee reportedly during the playing of taps, is outraging thousands.

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“Taps” is a bugle speak to played in ~ dusk, throughout flag ceremonies, and also at armed forces funerals by the unified States armed forces and also is frequently played in ~ the dig of the Unknown Soldier.

Not standing for Taps is exceptionally disrespectful i m sorry is triggering the extreme outrage.

It is unclear exactly why the man viewed in the picture is kneeling throughout taps while everyone else is standing, but most civilization online are assuming that is in protest.

Katie Wiederhoeft who took the original photo noted that she to be so bring away aback she didn’t ask the young male why he was kneeling. She detailed that he to be filming v his phone as well.

If he was indeed protesting, it follows in the footsteps of NFL players’ protests – close come 200 NFL players and coaches take it a knee throughout the U.S. Nationwide anthem ~ above Sunday. The protests were began by soccer player Colin Kaepernick critical year to protest what the believes to be problems in America, namely police brutality and black inequality. Kaepernick was not signed through a professional football team this year.

Protocol in ~ the dig of the Unknown Soldier is the you stand, and many times the Soldiers that guard the Tomb will certainly directly resolve people who are not standing and demand castle stand.

Katie Wiederhoeft added the inscription to the photo:

On our means back native NYC we quit overnight in DC, among my favourite places. So wealthy in history, it’s beautiful, and so clean!

A need to see ~ above our perform is always Arlington national Cemetery the an altering of the guard ceremony. I obtain pretty emotional thinking around what that represents. Today we obtained a chance to view the honor guard place wreaths in remembrance of fallen military members. The honor guard said to continue to be silent, that army members in uniform to be to render a salute and also everyone else was to stand and that the would appropriate to location your best hand over her heart. Simply as TAPS started…this is what happened. I don’t even think human being know what they space doing as soon as they are kneeling!!!! What to be going through this young man’s head is past me!? i couldn’t perform or speak anything due to the fact that my anger and disgust was past words. I made certain to stand right beside him with my hand end my heart!!!

*Edited come add:

I regret not speaking v the young man and also finding the end what his intentions were. I was so upset at the moment and completely speechless, i beg your pardon doesn’t happen often. Part of me was afraid the what his price would’ve been, what if he was kneeling in protest?! i honestly don’t think that ns would have been able to preserve composure. Out of respect because that my collapse brothers and sisters, I decided not to challenge him. Possession is 20-20, probably he would’ve answered the his plot were fully unintentional and he was trying to obtain a much better angle (he was video clip taping). However in light of what our country is currently going through and also the reality that the security specifically stated to stand ns can’t aid but feel it remained in protest. Yet I assumption: v I’ll never ever know.

“Someone actually had actually the nerve to in ~ the dig of the Unknown Soldier. The is the meaning of absolute trash,” one Twitter user posted.


“I support everyone’s appropriate to totally free speech, however I feeling in in the shadow of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier it is inappropriate,” Zachary Bell tweeted.


The photo is captioned by Wiederhoeft’s father which is the one that went viral: “This photo was taken by my daughter yesterday in ~ the tomb of the unknown soldier while castle were playing TAPS. Words can not express my anger appropriate now.


The snapshot shows anyone there standing, virtually all through their hands over your hearts, except for the one man, who is seen plainly taking a knee.

The snapshot has appeared on Reddit, Facebook, 4chan and also elsewhere.

“The fact that people are kneeling in ~ the is for sure sickening,” one Twitter user wrote. “Fu—-g inhumane.”


“Saw a snapshot of someone taking a knee in ~ the simply makes me sick. I assumed it wasn’t about the military,” Reese created on Twitter.


“It’s one thing to kneel in ~ a soccer game… but this is the dig of the Unknown Soldier. Girlfriend fu—-g stand,” the famous brand Tactical SHT posted to Facebook.


The Salute Media on facebook page, which insurance claims to it is in a veteran-owned on facebook page, also posted the picture with the adhering to caption:

SALUTE TRENDING: taking a knee throughout the national anthem at major league sporting events has garnered nationwide attention by method of support for some, and outrage because that others.

A combat veteran who was visiting Arlington national Cemetery yesterday in ~ the dig Of The Unknown Soldier with his daughter snapped a photo of a male kneeling throughout the play of TAPS.

Has professional sports protest’s bled top top hallowed ground? Arlington national Cemetery had long to be a location of reflection, honor and remembrance.

We desire your to understand your opinion. Must Americans have the ability to protest almost everywhere they pick in a peaceful and quiet matter, or space some places fully off limits?

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Here is the complete photo:


You deserve to listen and watch this hauntingly beautiful video clip of taps, performed by The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” one-of-a-kind Bugler and Special Drummer in ~ the dig of the Unknown Soldier:

And this is what that looks like as soon as they beat taps at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

*UPDATED: September 29, 2017 come reflect the updated comment from the initial photographer.