Pokémon Sun and Moon room the seventh-generation pair that the Pokémon role-playing video clip game collection published by Nintendo and also released in November 2016. Ensuing in the Alola region, the video game had number of notable differences from ahead games, consisting of "Alola" versions of Generation ns Pokémon and also a departure from the Gym mechanism of development that had actually been a clip of Pokémon games because the an initial generation.

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On February 26th, 2016, Pokémon sunlight & Moon<1> were announced in a Nintendo Direct video clip celebrating the 20th anniversary that the release of Pokémon Red and also Green, the initial pair in the franchise. The notice was attach by a trailer (below, left), which has been the primary method with i beg your pardon Nintendo has leaked information around the games. On might 10th, Nintendo released one more trailer introducing three brand-new starter Pokémon: Rowlet, Litten, and also Popplio (below, center). On respectable 11th, they released a video clip introducing Team Skull, Alola"s villains (below, right).

On November 18th, 2016, Pokémon sun & Moon were released worldwide, complied with by a 2nd release in the european Union ~ above November 21st.







Pre-release reception for Sun and Moon has actually been mostly positive, together fans have actually praised Nintendo for offering substantial information around the upcoming game in video kind rather than leaking information in magazines.<2>

Online Reaction

Fans have responded to every announcement with jokes about the content in the release. This has had reaction to the brand-new starters,<3> Team Skull leader Guzma, brand-new pokémon Mimikyu, and more.

Related MemesAlola Exeggutor

One Pokémon announcement that attracted the fist of the web was the Alolan variation of Generation i pokémon Exeggutor, a pokémon based turn off a coconut tree but with a enormous neck. It inspired thousands of images and videos mocking the goofiness that the character.



Following September 4th"s introduction video clip of "Ultra Beasts" and "The Aether Foundation", fans started to make dominion 34 layout fan-art images of Wicke, an assistant researcher in ~ The Aether Foundation.


On October 4th, 2016, The main Pokémon Channel exit a new trailer because that the game, unveiling progressed forms the the three starter Pokemon. Among them consisted of Brionne, the evolved version the Popplio that deserve to be either a masculine or female creature (shown below).

Shortly, YouTuber TheKingNappy post a reaction video about the brand-new evolutions, in i beg your pardon he comment on Brionne"s feminine illustration (shown below). That day, numerous Pokémon fans expressed your displeasure through the Brionne form, claiming the the Pokémon should have actually a an ext gender neutral design.

Meanwhile, Reddtior luigimm it is registered a write-up titled "Brionne! ns don"t treatment what the community has to say, he/she is awesome!" come /r/pokemon,<7> in addition to an initial illustration that the creature (shown below). In the comment section, users debated the Brionne controversy, v some attributing the backlash come "fragile masculinity" when others said that the evolved form was simply poorly designed.


On October 5th, the news sites Kotaku,<4> WWG<5> and Hall of reputation Magazine<6> published articles about the virtual backlash to the Brionne evolution. The complying with day, Redditor Reonat submitted a GIF to compare the Brionne video to a traction queen performance on the fact television show Ru Paul"s traction Race (shown below).

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Alola Dugtrio


On October 17th, Nintendo exit demo versions because that Pokémon Sun and also Moon. One of the Pokémon revealed to be the Alolan variation of Dugtrio, which has long blonde hair top top its three heads. The reveal triggered a series of jokes about Dugtrio"s appearance. Alola Dugtrio"s internet popularity was commemorated in Kotaku<9> and also The Verge.<10>