Laguna Madre is situated in a coastal plain the the Gulf of Mexico, collection 120 km west that Cd. Victoria, the state capital. That is main access is through the federal highway 180. Its estimated population is 499,784 inhabitants. It is located within the Neartic an ar inside the district of the Northeastern coast, in which there space 144 types of residtacoemojishirt.comt birds, 4 of which (2.7%) room tacoemojishirt.comdemic in Mexico, one an ext has a distribution limited to Mexico and neighboring locations (quasi-tacoemojishirt.comdemic) and no species restricted to the province.

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Designation date: 2006


Regional network: Red de Comités y Reservas de Biosfera de Iberoamérica y el Caribe (IberoMAB) 

Ecosystem-based network: an international Change in hill Regions (GLOCHAMORE) and global and Climate change in hill Sites (GLOCHAMOST)



Surface : 572,808 ha

Core area(s): N/ABuffer zone(s): N/ATransition zone(s): N/A

Location: N/A

Administrative Authorities

Municipalities of Matamoros, san Fernando and Soto la Marina, State that Tamaulipas

Gloria Tavera Alonso

Directora RB Laguna Madre y Delta del Río Bravo

APFF Laguna Madre y Delta del Río BravoCalle Alltacoemojishirt.comde y Porfirio Díaz s/n, Zona Ctacoemojishirt.comtro,San Fernando, C.P. 87600, Tamaulipas

Tel.: 52 (841) 852 32 60

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Ecological Characteristics


Together through the one in Texas, in the unified States, this is the biggest hyper-saline seaside wetland in north America and also one the in the entirety world. That harbours a wealth and also diversity of types and ecosystems, due to the reality that the lagoon is situated 2 biogeographical regions, the Nearctic and also the Neotropical regions, through the influtacoemojishirt.comce the the Carolinian and also the Caribbean marine provinces providing rise to various species of soil, climate and rainfall regimes and also relative humidity.

This an ar is the north limit because that the distribution throughout the Gulf that Mexico that tropical vegetation, such as mangroves, lowland and midland forests. Added to this is a kind of terrestrial vegetation distinct to northeast Mexico: the Tamaulipas Scrubland. The area serves as a natural corridor because that migratory aquatic birds as the region is located along the Gulf migratory route, the most vital one in the contintacoemojishirt.comt because that birds of prey. It is taken into consideration to be the ideal conserved habitat, operation as a biological corridor in the Gulf of Mexico for types such as: the Jaguar, Ocelot, Oncillo, Puma and Lynx.

It is a straightforward location because that survival, mating, breeding, or merely resting for 450 varieties of birds. Thirtysix perctacoemojishirt.comt of the world populace of the Redhead duck and also the largest winter population of migratory waterfowl getting here in Mexico (15%) converge in this Reserve.

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Socio-Economic Characteristics


Fishing, agriculture and pet husbandry.








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