Langrisser V: The end of LegendSystem(s): Sega SaturnPublisher: MasayaDeveloper: CareerSoftSound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (4 tracks)Genre: Simulation RPG<1>, Simulation<2>


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Langrisser V: The end of Legend (ラングリッサーV THE end OF LEGEND) is an entry in NCS"s Langrisser series released for the Sega Saturn in 1998.

Magazine articles

Main article: Langrisser V: The finish of Legend/Magazine articles.

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Sega Retro Average Consoles + (FR)
<4>Famitsu (JP)NTSC-J70
<5>Fun Generation (DE)NTSC-J75
<6>Joypad (FR)NTSC-J40
<8>Sega Saturn newspaper (JP)NTSC-J80
<9>Sega Saturn magazine (JP)NTSC-J95

1. Data track
2. Data track
3. CD Warning message (special) (0:29)
4. PROLOGUE (1:25)
5. Hoshi no Youni... (5:18)
From: Ending
Vocals: Kaori Kawasumi
6. PROLOGUE (1:24)

Extra content

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