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"I prefer Me Better" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Lauv. It to be released on might 19, 2017, and also is contained on Lauv"s compilation album ns Met You once I to be 18 (The Playlist), which to be released on may 31, 2018. That has also been provided in an Android Auto application commercial and also in the trailer because that the Netflix romantic comedy To every the boys I"ve loved Before."I choose Me Better" got to the height ten in Australia, Austria and also Germany, the top-twenty in brand-new Zealand and Slovakia, and the top-forty in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. In his aboriginal United States, the song was a sleeper hit, security over six months ~ above the united state Billboard hot 100 before reaching number 27 in September 2018.more »

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To be young and also in love in brand-new York City (in new York City)To not understand who i am but still understand that I"m good long together you"re below with meTo it is in drunk and also in love in new York City (in new York City)Midnight into morning coffeeBurning with the hrs talkingDamn, I choose me far better when I"m v youI choose me much better when I"m v youI knew from the very first time, I"d stay for a long time "causeI like me better whenI choose me better when I"m v youI don"t know what the is however I acquired that feeling (got the feeling)Waking up in this bed next to you swear the roomYeah, it acquired no ceilingIf we lay, let the day just pass united state byI can get to too lot talkingI might have come tell friend somethingDamn, I favor me better when I"m through youI favor me much better when I"m with youI knew native the first time, I"d stay for a lengthy time "causeI prefer me far better whenI choose me far better when I"m with youStay awhile, remain awhileStay below with meStay awhile, stay awhile, ohStay awhile, continue to be awhileStay right here with meLay below with me, ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, ohI favor me far better when I"m v you (yes, ns do, yes, i do, babe)I choose me far better when I"m with you (ooh, no)I knew from the first time, I"d continue to be for a long time "causeI like me better whenI like me far better when I"m through you(I like me, I favor me)(Look who you do me, do me, oh, no)Better when, I prefer me far better when I"m with you

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Lauv Ari Staprans Leff (born respectable 8, 1994), known by his phase name Lauv, is one American singer, songwriter and record producer. His debut EP, titled lost in the Light, was released in 2015.

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He is ideal known because that his singles "I favor Me Better" and also "The Other", and his single with DJ Snake, “A various Way”. An ext »