Roughly influenced by the human being brain, deep neural networks trained with big amounts of data deserve to solve facility tasks through unprecedented accuracy. This practical book provides one end-to-end guide to TensorFlow, the leading open resource software library that helps you build and also train neural networks for computer system vision, herbal language processing (NLP), decided recognition, and also general predictive analytics.

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Authors Tom Hope, Yehezkel Resheff, and also Itay Lieder administer a hands-on technique to TensorFlow fundamentals for a broad technical audience, from data scientists and also engineers to students and researchers. You"ll start by working v some simple examples in TensorFlow prior to diving deeper into topics such together neural network architectures, TensorBoard visualization, TensorFlow abstraction libraries, and multithreaded input pipelines. When you end up this book, you"ll know just how to build and also deploy production-ready deep learning systems in TensorFlow.

Get up and running with TensorFlow, rapidly and painlesslyLearn how to use TensorFlow to develop deep finding out models indigenous the ground upTrain renowned deep learning models for computer system vision and NLPUse substantial abstraction libraries come make breakthrough easier and also fasterLearn exactly how to scale TensorFlow, and use swarm to distribute version trainingDeploy TensorFlow in a manufacturing setting

Product Details

Tom expect is one applied maker learning researcher and data scientist with considerable background in academia and also industry.

He has actually background together a an elderly data scientist in large international copy, group settings, top data science and deep learning R&D throughout multiple domain names including web mining, text analytics, computer vision,sales and marketing, IoT, financial forecasting and large-scale manufacturing. Formerly he was at a effective e-commerce startup in its at an early stage days, top data science R&D. He has also served as a data scientific research consultant for significant international companies and startups. His research study in computer system science, data mining and also statistics revolves around machine learning, deep learning, NLP, weak supervision and time-series.

Hezi Reshef is an used researcher and also PhD college student in an equipment Learning at the Hebrew University, developing maker Learning and Deep finding out methods because that wearable device data, and also working on making use of wearable tools to monitor patience health. That has functioned at Intel Corp., leading Deep finding out R&D because that monitoring and predicting patience outcomes using remote sensing and also wearables. Before Intel, Hezi was at Microsoft, leading maker Learning R&D for mining telemetry data, predicting software program bugs, user segmentation, and other projects.

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Itay Lieder is an used researcher in an equipment Learning and Computational Neuroscience and a doctor student in ~ the Hebrew University, in cooperation with the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at UCL, examining the human being perception with huge crowd-sourcing experiments on Amazon Turk. His current work focuses on predicting and understanding the means humans reaction to sound (e.g. Music), via multiple online interactive experiments. The has operated for large international corporations, top Deep learning R&D in text analytics and also web mining because that sales and also marketing.