More than any other video game in the series, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey offers you significant choices that impact the result of the story and quests. However, sometimes the options you’re offered are a little bit of one illusion, and don’t really make that lot of a difference.

Towards the finish of the shadow Heritage episode of the heritage of the first Blade DLC you’re provided a few big selections that have massive consequences for the Eagle-Bearer, as well as other characters in the story.

It goes without saying that to completely outline what wake up if you do each choice, there are going to it is in big spoilers.

Can you conserve the Tempest?

During the shadow Heritage DLC you’ll fulfill a woman called Kleta, who’s trying to organise groups of shipwreck survivors come flee Achaia.

As the story winds on, she’ll reveal that the large baddie the the DLC - The tempest - is in reality her daughter, and also pines for a reunion.


For a possibility at saving some characters, you deserve to say the complying with when prompted:

First, you deserve to tell Kleta to host out hope throughout Prodigal quest right in ~ the start of the DLC.

Then to speak “The tempest is still your daughter” throughout the safe Passage quest, climate “I’ll lug the storm back”.

Finally, as soon as you’re squaring up to The tempest herself after the sea battle, say, “We don’t need to do this”, climate “The bespeak is using you!”


This is where the main choice comes in.

Now you have the right to either say: “Go to her Kleta”, or tell her to stay back.


If friend send her over, Kleta will certainly be eliminated by one of the Order’s crewmen, and you fight The tempest in a fit of rage and also sadness. Friend can’t defeat her v non-lethal damage, so by doing this, both that them will die.

If girlfriend tell Kleta to remain back, Kleta survives the encounter, yet you still have to fight the Tempest, who is killed.

Stay or Farewell: execute you need to have a baby?

The brief answer: yes. Regardless of whether you pick to questioning Darius to stay or to speak farewell, her character will still have a baby v Darius’ boy or daughter.


If girlfriend ask him to stay, they will both agree, resulting in a cutscene showing every one of you enjoying the house in Dyme and eventually her child.

If you speak farewell, girlfriend go ago to the house and read a letter native them. After ~ a bit of a cry, they rotate up anyway, nevertheless of whether you’ve rebuffed all developments so far.

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The same cutscene climate plays, and you have a infant anyway.