Comment by FYB HELLBOY

cant change you v these bitches the i talk to

Comment by Zomb3

Don't friend fucking dislike it as soon as you hear mine name?I feel the same and when you hear this girlfriend gon' feeling the painAnd every these niggas the you fuckin through to acquire awayBut girl I understand you think about it practically everyday

Comment through 524TRULYRICS

life is simply a dream your true life comes after you dice RIP Xxx

Comment by musiclover0203

Listen to my music please

Comment through Eli wesley

Damn man.. Just lost my 3 realtionship man... Tune hits.

Comment by musiclover0203

X hear to my music please

Comment by Cayla Harris

lets pretend

Comment through Juice

Mannnn :(((( R.I.P Jahhhhh guy frfr :(!!!! he to be such one inspiration!!