Songs indigenous The UndergroundCompilation album through Linkin ParkReleasedRecordedLength
November 28, 2008

Songs indigenous The secret is an EP exit by Linkin Park in 2008 that has selections that LP Underground fan club song from LPU 1 come LPU 6. The CD additionally offers 2 live selections, among which was unreleased.


Songs from The Underground includes two songs from the LPU 1 CD, the Hybrid theory EP reissue ("And One" and "Part that Me", one track from LP secret 2.0 ("Dedicated"), one track from LP secret 4.0 ("Sold My spirit To Yo Mama"), and two songs from LP secret 6.0 ("Announcement service Public" and also "QWERTY").

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The EP additionally has 2 live songs on the CD. "My December" (Live 2008) is a piano version of the track taken from Linkin Park"s present in Nashville, TN top top February 26, 2008.<1> "Hunger Strike" (Live indigenous Projekt revolution 2008 - kris Cornell special Chester Bennington) is a temple of the Dog cover taken from chris Cornell"s set on the tour. Chester join Chris throughout the tour to sing "Hunger Strike" and also the audio was blended by Linkin Park"s audio technician Pooch. The details performance of the song is indigenous the 2nd show that the tour in Burgettstown, PA top top July 18, 2008.<2>

Additionally, the LP underground was offered an exclusive digital download the "Crawling" live native Projekt revolution 2008 which to be taken indigenous Linkin Park"s present in Burgettstown, PA ~ above July 18, 2008.<3>


On November 13, 2008, the relax was announced to the LP Underground. The CD to be released in stores in the United states as a finest Buy exclusive on November 28th, 2008. It significant the an initial time that selections the the exclude, LP Underground tracks were obtainable publicly. In April and May 2009, the EP was released in different oriental countries, followed by Europe.

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The LP Underground announcement read, "Songs native The underground is an main collection of favourite previously just released with the LPU. This CD i beg your pardon will just be available at select best Buy locations functions 8 songs including never before released version of “Hunger Strike” (Live indigenous Projekt change 2008) – chris Cornell featuring Chester Bennington and “My December” (Live 2008)! This CD likewise comes with a complimentary one month trial membership for LPU and accessibility to a free download come “Crawling” (Live featuring chris Cornell) the will likewise be made easily accessible to ALL active LPU members beginning 11/27. Feel complimentary to choose up the CD because that yourself and also share the attempt membership through someone you think could advantage from gift a component of the LPU community! This is a minimal edition item for this reason look for it starting Thanksgiving work at ideal Buy stores! track listing in its totality will it is in released an initial here top top LPU so look out for that info right here on"<4>

The tracklisting to be released come the LPU on November 20, 2008.

The insert that the CD reads, "Every year due to the fact that 2001, the LP Underground, Linkin Park"s official Fan Club, has offered our faithful fans distinct opportunities and also exclusive access. As part of the fan club, members about the world get a chance to fulfill the tape at LPU accomplish & greets and special events, receive limited-edition package items, and also get exclusive access to, with access to rare LP video clips and also downloads, the LPU community, and so lot more. We even set aside exclusive music simply for memebers. Song From The underground is a cross-section of some of the LPU favorite released end the past seven years, plus part newly-released tracks. If girlfriend are already a member the the LPU, us hope you reap this CD to include to her collection. Many thanks again for your support. -LINKIN PARK"

A redemption card was consisted of inside of the CD because that a one month member to the LP Underground. The insert read, "CONGRATULATIONS! By purchasing this songs From The secret CD, girlfriend are acquiring a free one month trial member to the LP Underground, Linkin Park"s main Fan Club. Once you register and also redeem your month membership, you will certainly be may be to access your complimentary download of "Crawling" (Live from Projekt Revolution) - featuring kris Cornell, only easily accessible at"

Track Listing

1Announcement organization PublicLinkin Park2:26
2Qwerty (Studio Version)Linkin Park3:23
3And OneMike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, rob Bourdon4:31
4Sold My spirit To Yo MamaJoe Hahn, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda1:59
5Dedicated (Demo 1999)Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington3:13
6Hunger to win (Live native Projekt change 2008): kris Cornell special Chester BenningtonChris Cornell4:15
7My December (Live 2008)Mike Shinoda4:15
8Part that MeMike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, plunder Bourdon12:43

Exclusive Digital Download

1Crawling (Live indigenous Projekt change 2008) (feat. Chris Cornell)Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, plunder Bourdon4:50


Linkin Park

Chester BenningtonRob BourdonBrad DelsonJoseph HahnPhoenixMike Shinoda



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