We welcome you to a church whereby you can prosper as a member of God's family. Here you willfind a church household that desire to lift increase Christ and our fellow man. Wepreach and teach the good news the Jesus Christ, and also lift the community through awide variety of services and comprehensive outreach program influenced by our an elderly Pastor, Reverend Jim Holley Ph.D.. Us are at this time following his vision because that the Kingdom Agenda to edify, employ, and empower the world both spiritually and also economically. Our varied programs include all contents of our Twenty-First Century Community.

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"The nature of gift a church pastor dictates that he or she will make a difference in the stays of your congregation. But likewise they have the duty of reaching out and also touching the community. They need to make a difference. A pastor's job is continually in motion and never done. The pastor answers to a higher authority and his or her duties are vast and deep. They are to it is in a good steward that all the is entrusted to them and also are on contact 24 hrs a day."

Jim Holley, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor




Discover this amazing publication by Deacon Gregory Harris. Stimulate on Amazon and all digital media outlets.

Discover this amazing book by Deacon Gregory Harris. Stimulate on Amazon and also all digital media outlets.

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Meet united state at church this Sunday! Rev. Holley is in his last year as an elderly Pastor and also each Sunday he is leaving us v nuggets to assist us effectively move v life. Friend can fulfill us in human
10am inside the church, on the parking lot of (for those ~ above the parking lot and also within a mile radius the the church, listen on 89.7 FM), or ~ above the web via Facebook and also YouTube.TODAY'S SERMON: "The Peter Syndrome in the Church" note 16: 7 (KJV)Rev. Dr, Jim Holley

We welcome members and visitors!We practice social distancing and masks are required.See ours Covid-19 Guidelines

Our beloved minister of the last 48 years, Rev. Dr. Jim Holley, will certainly retire in ~ the hit of midnight on December 31, 2021. 11 persons were appointed as the Pastoral transition Committee to offer as the liaison in between the congregation and also the individual dubbed by God come shepherd His flock. The members of the Pastoral shift Committee feeling it crucial that all members that the HLRBC are involved in this process. Click below for much more information.