YeahLB fam lastly up in this pieceGot my man that put me on, you understand what I"m sayinwant a shout out to the Uptown, know what sayinWord upMCA, this is just how we execute everydayMe and also Freaky Tah..hahpretty Lou, mine man, Spigg Nicewe be gettin" down representinso this is exactly how we golet me let girlfriend know, howit be, in da, G-H-E, dual T-Oryhme name hoThey be runnin" shit under the linehey, if girlfriend hear a mistake rewindWhose the finest whose the worst in this right here rap gamefor those who insurance claim to be the bestI tear them the end the frameI"m representin" puttin" kings on the map (you wear)double springs, wit some baggy jeans when I rapCome up through a layout to do con-versitaldon"t act me like no lame I"ve been in this video game for awhileI"ve checked out alot ta come, (come) I"ve checked out alot a go(go), I"ve watched alot ta breakI"ve seen alot come blow, a yoIt"s a pilgrimage to view a nigga slipGeta grip nigga, nigga geta grip, getaYou don"t even know the fifty percent of mine crewto be talking, however you"re talking and also you act choose you knewYo set it, girlfriend fuckin" overcome the line and hit the borderLB fam begin attacking some attacking outta orderPut on her leather gloves, and hats and also get your snapshot matsand obtain the gats simply in case you take it come the stacksShout out to the Jeeps, It"s the Lex Coups, Bimas and also the Benz (and the Benz)to all my ladies and also my guys (my men)to all my peoples in the pen (in the pen)keep your head upand to the hoods (the hood)East Coast, West Coast and also World wide (world wide)Ain"t nuttin" wrong v puffin" top top lai (on lai)and if you"re through me allow me listen you say "Ri-ght"Now a... Now...

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Now a dayzniggaz frontin" favor they okay (like they ill)now bustin" caps and also got a muthafuckin" things to perform to display his skillRecognize, nigga what you frontin" forI understand your styleyou neva fight a dull beforeOh, your just another in the gyeongju (man friend betta stop)fakin" gats, takin" increase spaceto me your nuttin" however a needle in the hay stacklisten boy I"ve been doing this since method backin the day, Ace Duce Tre, in ~ the bestup to Zimbobwae, heywhose the best, I want the finest to come check meso I can release some anxiety from mine chest GIs you under to walk pound because that pound, toe come toe, blow for blow, round for roundI"m wonderin" cuz I carry the thunder and the raincausin" man to her brainKeep the shit live for the year nine FiveI got more niggaz in my people than theres beez in the punishment hiveLB Fam daily stay highMr. Cheeks, everyday highconsentrate to get my shit straight, make united state waitBefore it"s too fuckin" lateThe shed Boyz, yes that"s that I be"z wit, that"s who I operation witwho ns smoke Treez witPack your bags, head outta town, I"ll be back around so be gone prior to sundownFrom Jamaica come a nigga named Cheeks, with approaches of the streetsover turbulent neck beatsThis room is going bounce around the Cheeks cant rememberI"m the muthafucker choppin" crews like a chainsawTalk what you what tado what you gottawell allow me tell friend something guy you cant execute me naddaNow if you hear to my album, you see we only dealwit the genuine deal street life