Luke Bryan wrapped 2020 as Billboard’s Top country Artist the the 2010s by reigning on their charts with 11 #1s top top the Hot nation Songs chart and also nine #1s ~ above the Top nation Albums chart during the last decade. Since his debut in 2009, Luke has garnered 26 #1 hits and also has an ext RIAA certified digital singles than any type of other country artist through 54.5 million. Luke has likewise tallied 14.6 exchange rate streams, 12.5 million albums sold with four Platinum albums, 2 4x-Platinum albums, 7 RIAA certified albums, 22 Platinum singles and 12 Multi-Platinum singles. Luke’s seven headline concert tours have played because that 12 million fans consisting of 36 stadium concerts, 11 farm Tours, six years of feather Break shows and six sold-out Crash mine Playa concert events.

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He was known as a CMT Artist that the Year six consecutive times, was named the entertainer of the Year by the Academy of nation Music 3 times! and the nation Music combination twice. He was honored together a NSAI Artist/Songwriter the the Year. In full Luke has actually won over 40 music awards including seven ACM awards consisting of his honor together the first-ever receiver of the ACM Album the the decade Award for Crash mine Party, 7 CMT Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, 4 American Music Awards, 2 CMA awards, an iHeart and also a Teen selection award and also more. Luke was additionally named the many Heard Artist that the decade by country Aircheck and he was recently honored by the country Radio Broadcasters together the Artist Humanitarian compensation recipient in 2021.

Luke has actually returned come the judges table, along with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, for the 4th season the American Idol top top ABC.

On April 9, Luke released a deluxe variation of his #1, RIAA gold certified album BORN here LIVE here DIE right here (Deluxe Edition) with six new songs to include to the album’s original 10 tracks.

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Lauded by Billboard together the “Next hot Trend in country Music” and likened to The Chicks for a brand-new generation,’ Runaway June’s organic three-part harmonies and also ringing strings have established them as a top brand-new group through its “inescapable talent” ( The BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse records act is consisted of of the vocal stylings and musicianship of Naomi Cooke (lead vocals; guitar); Natalie Stovall (vocals; fiddle/guitar); and also Jennifer Wayne (vocals; guitar). The trio is receiving rave crucial notices native the likes that Billboard, Rolling rock Country, The Huffington Post, People and dubbed by CMT together “Next women of Country.” that has also appeared on national TV consisting of the CMA Awards, ACM Awards, CMT Awards, TODAY, and GMA. They also will be part of the famous Luke Bryan’s Proud to Be right Hear tourism in 2021 touring throughout the U.S. The trio has actually been commemorated for that brand of organic and melodic country music. The is the very first all-female trio in over sixteen years come score a top five hit at nation radio. The band additionally has scored nods native the industry with nominations in ~ the 2019 CMT Awards and at the 2019 ACM’s for brand-new Vocal Duo or group of The Year. Runaway June was additionally selected because that CRS brand-new Faces course of 2020. That debut album, Blue Roses was released in 2019 making rojo Stone’s and Paste Magazine’s end of year perform as among the ideal Country and also Americana albums of 2019.