\"Life create , makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude oil matter,\" Yoda explains in The realm Strikes Back, gesturing come Luke\"s physics body. This quote is striking because of the apt location junxtap of the wonder of life with its regularly disgusting vessel. Like many other animals, us secrete, excrete, expectorate, defecate, flatulate, regurgitate, urinate, circulate, masticate, menstruate, ejaculate, and ventilate. We space filled v gas and also feces and blood and guts and also mucus and also any number of rude things. Life together we recognize it is feasible because of the countless impolite points we carry out every day. Are we luminous beings? Perhaps, however that\"s neither right here nor there. This blog is about the crude matter that keeps us alive.

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Michelle Clement has actually a B.Sc. In zoology (with a young in American culture studies) and a M.Sc. In organismal biology from The Ohio State University. She thesis research was on the ecophysiology the epidermal lipids and also water homeostasis in house sparrows. She currently works together a technological editor because that The American chemistry Society. Her broader interests incorporate weird human and animal physiology, obesity and also enteric physiology, endocrinology, sexual and reproductive health, personal genomics, sociology (physical and cultural), sociology, and science education and communication. She stays in Ohio with her boyfriend and also two cats.

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