Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson as Marcus Greer; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Majestic; happiness Bryant as Charlene; Terrence Howard together Bama; Bill duke as Lavar

Movie Review

It’s a hard-knock life for Marcus Greer, who’s simply trying to make it through adolescence in the ghetto. Tough is a large understatement once your father isn’t around and also your mom’s busy pushing drugs. Therefore Marcus to learn to deal with by putting himself right into writing rap lyrics.

But when mother gets murdered and he’s forced to live through his prolonged family, the preteen discovers the hustling is the quick track to quick cash. Drug dealing easily turns right into gangbanging and also senseless violence. And also Marcus finds self entrenched in a device that keeps him invited in an ext ways than one. Add to that, drug lord Majestic has come to be the dad he’s constantly wanted.

Fast-forward a couple of years: Marcus is thrown in jail for drug possession, and it’s a wakeup call. V renewed determination to come to be a bona fide hip-hop star, that sets the end to grab that coveted record label deal. However cutting clean indigenous the gangsta way of life is much easier said 보다 done. And with Majestic and his previous breathing under his neck, freedom constantly seems come be just out that reach.

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Positive Elements

Marcus is established to do a rest from the gangsta path. Even when his jail cellmate/manager, Bama, mentions resorting to violence and also dealing drugs for both cash and also revenge, Marcus opts to forsake his old lifestyle and also pursue rapping. (There’s a flip-side an unfavorable to this which I’ll cite in “Other negative Elements.”) Eventually, he identify to take care of his girlfriend, Charlene, and newborn son. His tight-knit posse the friends pole up because that him with thick and also thin, providing his family members the very same protection and help.

Spiritual Elements

A minister recites Psalm 23 at a funeral. Marcus’ expanded family prays before a meal, while his posse playfully states “Praise the Lord” and also “Hallelujah” once they uncover their ceo is enjoying Charlene’s agency rather than working the streets.

Head gangster Lavar tells an admiring Marcus, “I am God. I’m God, Allah, Buddha … all rolled into one big n-gga.” He later on admits come praying to God, “but nothing happened, so i prayed to your mother and also asked she to talk to God for me.”

The aspiring rapper attract a overcome necklace throughout many of the movie. And during a concert back in his old stomatic grounds (where he might potentially lose his life), a large cross serves as the backdrop. “Young Cesar,” as Marcus is also known, shows up onstage v outstretched arms and also tears off his shirt to show his bullet scars (the crucifixion/resurrection symbolism is tough to miss). Among his oft-repeated tunes consists of the lyric, “You can pray because that a miracle, and also God can be handy.” he mockingly call a fellow artist a “Jehovah’s Witness” because that his irradiate skin.

Sexual Content

A lengthy scene reflects Marcus and Charlene having sex. Breast and rear nudity are prominent, as well as explicit sexual motions and positions. Several men gain into a hit in a jail shower where the camera records full-frontal nudity. And also at various other times, ceiling breasts and backsides acquire full-screen attention. Cleavage-revealing tops space seen countless times. And during a pair of club scenes, sexualized to dance is highlighted.

Though he’s not also a teenager, Marcus records a rap for an also younger Charlene that mentions being finest friends by engaging in petting, “humping” and also oral sex. Marcus narrates the he and also his posse were committed to one thing: “gettin’ paid and gettin’ laid.” much more than a couple of other crude and vulgar remarks are made.

Violent Content

For all its rags-to-riches ambitions, Get well-off or dice Tryin’ is a gangsta tale that walk little much more than showcase the miscellaneous violent methods scores are resolved in the ‘hood. Civilization are organized at gunpoint on many occasions, consisting of one robbery attempt that ends up through a tiny boy having a gun hosted to his head and a defense guard gaining shot in the leg.

Numerous corridor members acquire riddled through bullets during drive-bys. An irate store owner opens fire on innocent teenagers. Marcus seeks revenge because that a now-paralyzed girlfriend by gunning under his attacker, even though the man cries for mercy. Listeners in a studio are eliminated by up-close gunfire. A kidnapped guy is shot repeatedly in the chest.

In a bloody scene that’s replayed and slowed under for maximum impact, Marcus it s okay shot in the chest, back, leg, hand and also face. One more man gets a cartridge to the chest, then is shooting offscreen two an ext times. Together the camera pans back to his bloodied, crumpled body, we check out a cartridge hole in his forehead.

Marcus’ mom gets knocked the end (and maybe raped, despite it’s no shown), doused in petrol and set ablaze (along through a house) by a fellow hustler. Earlier, she’s roughed up throughout a street-side argument.

Majestic continuously stabs one of his own thugs v a long blade, i beg your pardon we watch protruding out of the man’s back. The mobster also orders one of his henchman to yank the gold this out the a Judas who’s being tortured in front of the whole gang. We’re compelled to watch together blood streams indigenous the man’s mouth. His screams are eventually silenced v a plastic bag. An additional bloodied body is sheathe in cellophane and dumped in a garbage truck.

After documenting every one of that, it seems pointless to cite that punches space exchanged by numerous characters, however there you have actually it. A sinner swipes in ~ others v a spicy object, Marcus pummels an attacker’s face, and also guards viciously society a would-be attacker. During an additional scuffle, heads are butted and slammed against the ground, and also one man tries come strangle another.

Crude or Profane Language

The f-word is pervasive (exceeding the 200 mark) and also is regularly offered in both a sexual manner and also in mix with “mother.” The s-word additionally gets a workout and also can it is in heard much more than 60 times. (Both room spoken, sung, rapped and written.) A pair of times crude slang is offered to referral genitals. The epithet “n-gga” is ever-present. God’s name is linked with “d–n.”

Drug and Alcohol Content

Since part of the gangsta way of living is pushing and using drugs, cocaine, marijuana and also alcohol all gain lots of screen time. Majestic mirrors off his “pure crystal ” and, combining cocaine with baking soda and ice, provides his pushers (and moviegoers) a step-by-step lesson on how to make it. A club girl is roughed increase for cigarette smoking crack, while various other women are displayed with stashes of weed. Marcus’ young uncle and a friend smoke hash while laying down a laboratory track. Marcus gets recorded with medicine at school, and also later he and also his entire posse room thrown in jail because that possession. Hennessey, Cristal and other hard liquors get poured and downed, together do miscellaneous beers.

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Other negative Elements

Marcus’ ambition to leaving the gangsta life behind appears noble, yet he will to holding increase a store to rate up the funding procedure for his brand-new career. In addition, his rap desires aren’t solely based on fleeing his past; Marcus is vocal around his will to humiliate his old gang members, and also his violent, spiteful, obscenity-laden rhymes become verbal bullets command at them.

A young Marcus litter himself right into pushing drugs, adhering to in the footsteps of his mother, who, while alive, reasoned that “Momma’s gotta occupational to buy friend those sneakers.” Marcus buys into her shallow motives and also logic.

Caught increase in his brand-new thug lifestyle, a high school-age Marcus lambastes his grand (who take it him in after his mom’s death) for being a “second-class n-gga” simply since the old male works difficult for tiny money. He likewise blames his grandfather for obtaining busted for drugs, claiming, “I wouldn’t have got captured if ns didn’t have to hide that I really am. I’m a gangsta, and also I’m proud of it.”

On number of occasions, Lavar alludes to the reality that he regularly pays turn off cops. As a boy, Marcus buys a gun, then fantasizes about shooting someone through it.


It was 2003 when 50 Cent took the hip-hop people by storm. His debut album, which shares the exact same title as this movie, to be the greatest debut in SoundScan history and has actually sold an ext than 12 million copies. His follow-up, The Massacre, additionally slashed its means into the record books as 50 Cent came to be the just artist as well as The Beatles come have four songs simultaneously among Billboard‘s Top-10 singles.

In two brief years, the rookie rapper (with some help from avid pendant Eminem and also Dr. Dre) has developed himself not only as a peak artist, but likewise as one opportunistic entrepreneur. He’s built his very own record label, opened a apparel line, marketed a sneaker, offered bottled water, concocted a fragrance, written a book and created a video clip game. So the was only a matter of time prior to he, following the brand-new get-rich-or-die-tryin’ code for hip-hop artists, do the efforts his hand at acting in a big-budget movie.

“Fiddy,” together he’s also known, insists his movie isn’t completely autobiographical, regardless of its countless similarities come the story the tells about himself—a street kid who obtained shot ripe times, climate left the gangsta life behind because that the hip-hop one. “It’s not precisely my story,” he said. “It’s a collage based upon my life.” Somehow that doesn’t do me feeling any far better about it.

Director Jim Sheridan (The Boxer, mine Left Foot) and screenwriter Terence Winter (a previous Sopranos scribe) definitely hit you in between the eyes v the hardships of cultivation up on the streets. Yet by concentrating so difficult on creating that gritty environment, they finish up celebrate what’s wrong more than highlighting what’s right.

And that’s the very thing so countless gangsta rappers execute with your music. 50 Cent is a prime instance of this. He cases to have actually broken free from his gangbanging past, however he brags endlessly about its violence in nearly every heat of his lyrics.

He, that course, disagrees. However while he does so, he additionally admits just how much entertainment’s messages and images matter: “My life, and also the movie, is no glorifying gangs. I wasn’t in a gang, together such. I was in organization for myself. I understand movies have actually an influence. I grew up on Scarface and Casino, and they perform inspire you come bust a head or to pull her pistol out when the time comes, yet kids aren’t the dumb. They condition themselves come the visual.”

Isn’t that exactly the problem? even if it is enamored with photos of brutality and also killing, or numbed to it, children (and adults, too) carry out respond to them. Just as a young Marcus states in the movie, “Parents think you see nothing, however the fact is you view everything.”


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