(adjective) - Of, top to, or causing an end result that will either be a total success or a complete failure.

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Explained by St. Sol
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Sukima switch - gold Time LoverIf you store trembling like thatEven the sun and moon space not in donate of this side"It"s do it or rest it." ns muttered.The instance may watch grim

BIGBANG - tell me goodbyeLetting girlfriend go...(here"s somebody...)Letting you go...(here"s somebody...)Yo I acquired this, yeahstill thinking about this thing alot

Sevdaliza - five My GodYou, you"re, you"re no aloneYou, you"re, you"re no alone(Will it make or break me?)You, you"re, you"re not alone

Charlotte Perrelli - HeroBut v love on a world of that ownOo there you can´t fake itJust do it or break itBut only you can find the one

ASP - FarewellDear brothers, come running!From the mill I must separatewhat ns was, that"s in two,for the master found us both

NEFFEX - Flirtshe just wants come flirt so i flirt appropriate backI just put in job-related yea I occupational like thatgot me fallin guy it harms yea it damages so badall in and it"s worth everything I have

BIGBANG - tell Me GoodbyeLetting friend go...(here"s somebody...)Letting girlfriend go...(here"s somebody...)Yo I got this, yeahstill thinking around this thing alot

Ed Sheeran - take it Me back To London (Sir Spyro Remix)Jet plane headed up to the skySpread wing in the clouds, gaining highWe ain"t hit a rave in a while

MC Guimê - I involved stayIf you"re loosing, turn the video game aroundIf you"re drinking, reminder the glass downEnjoy choose its make it or rest it night

Monster Rancher (OST) - FlushAre you awake? are you asleep?Where is this? In a dream?The points that ns see, the ar that ns am,The real civilization is truly...

Taylor Swift - rotate AroundAnd living and learning,I should be able to handle this,Make the or break it,Move the or shower it,

Owl City - The saltwater roomWhen we"re apartWhatever are you reasoning of?What will certainly it require to make or break This hints of love?

Taylor Swift - Spining AroundSpinning and transforming and living and also learningI should be able to handle thisMake it or break it, move it or shower itDo that or fake it, girl you"ve gained to do it

Swami Satchidananda - wood storm Festival opened Speech "My beloved brothers and sisters, i am overwhelmed with happiness to view the whole youth of America gathered below in the name of music. In fact, through music we have the right to work wonders. Music is the celestial sound and it is sound the controls the whole universe, not atomic vibrations. Sound energy, sound power, is much, much better than any kind of other power in this world.”

“One thing I really much great you every to remember – through sound we can make, and at the exact same time break. Therefore let all our actions and also all our arts refer Yoga. With the spiritual art of music let us discover peace that will pervade everywhere the globe. The future of the whole civilization is in her hands. You have the right to make it or rest it. The entire human being is walking to it is in watching. The entire world is going to know what the American youth deserve to do for humanity.”

JT Music - Teach You just how to DieWhen my alarm clock walk off ns hit snoozeThen my mom acquired me up"Get prepared for school, you need to eat her wheathes and twin knot your shoes, and much better remember don"t you forget your 7 noteboos" AH!

Black M - The PactWhat one idea to make a pact in ~ a time when everybody fucks every otherWhat one idea come go the end in the bins at a time when everyone desires to weigh

The Kinks - specialized Follower of FashionThey look for him here, they look for him thereHis apparel are loud, but never squareIt will make or rest him therefore he"s acquired to buy the best"Cause he"s a devoted follower that fashion

Fred Hampton Jr. - large DayYeah, yeah, we all in the raceAy Hit, exactly how we gonna lose with shit favor this, mine nigga?Hit-Boy, look

National Anthems & Patriotic songs - Samoan nationwide Anthem - O Le Fu'a o Le Sa'olotoga o Samoa

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National Anthems & Patriotic songs - Samoan nationwide Anthem - O Le Fu'a o Le Sa'olotoga o Samoa