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"We room tied to the ocean. And when us go back to the sea, whether it is come sail or come watch- we room going earlier from whence we came." ~John F. Kennedy

You have to never feeling anxious about having to select the "right type" of massage.

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In fact, you must never need to choose between a swedish, deep tissue, or sports massage. The is what a professional massage therapist in ~ The Boston Bodyworker is trained to do, for you. Depending upon your needs and also preferences, a massage in ~ The Boston Bodyworker might include many different techniques throughout the same massage. Her therapist might use kneading, compression, gliding, tapping, vibration, rocking, friction, and also even some movement throughout your massage. And also sometimes, every one of the above!

even if it is you"re searching for a massage to aid with pain, stress, one injury, or even as a continuous treat to yourself, a massage at The Boston Bodyworker will address your certain needs and will it is in designed to help you feel Better.

"This location is legit, I"ve only ever before had amazing massages here. I"m a runner and consistently have tight muscles in my foot from high mileage for this reason I use Boston Bodyworker as maintain to prevent injury by gaining monthly massages. I prefer deep tissue massage since I think it"s many effective, therefore this ar is perfect for me. It"s obvious all the staff have actually a deep understanding of exactly how muscles duty because they constantly find the tight muscles and work castle out, and even use active release. So ns feel choose I"m acquiring a massage and PT session. Love it."

Sarah M.

Professionally Trained Therapists

The Boston Bodyworker uses you the newest each other of massage therapists. Practitioners at The Boston Bodyworker space licensed and governed by the legislations of the state that Massachusetts. Therapists likewise receive advanced continuing education and learning as a part of their continuous career training.

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Celebrating over two decades of Service!

The Boston Bodyworker is a family owned & operated small business, offer the Boston community because 1999. Winners that multiple finest of awards from some of the locations most highly regarded resources such together Boston Magazine, The not correct Bostonian, and The A-List, The Boston Bodyworker prides itself on its commitment to patient care and the greatest quality that services.

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Month-to-Month Memberships

Getting a massage have the right to do you a world of good. Recent studies have actually proven that gaining massages generally can mitigate stress, improve sleep, advice recovery, increase power and influence our as whole health. Unlocking the extraordinary services of a consistent treatment program has been proven come be crucial part that a wise wellness plan.

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What’s the Buzz?

In ours 20 to add years treating the Boston community, we have established a call of transporting a first class, professional, and also enjoyable suffer for ours patents. Us take proud in ours 5-star rating on Groupon, 4.5 ratings on Google and Facebook, and also 4-star rating on Yelp. We hope to deliver you the same quality of service.