Mari Okada is ago and back with one of her ideal works she has ever done.Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou or Maquia: once the Promised Flower Blooms is a tapestry of the titular character Maquia voiced by Manaka Iwami, being a Iorph, a an enig race of people able to have longer stays than regular humans, as soon as her village is discovered out by the forces of Mezarte and she flees, she encounters a baby and also promises to safeguard the infant now named Ariel voiced through Miyu Irino. It's a story of motherhood in all shapes and situations, a tale of what "immortality" does to someone be it great or not, it's a tale of partings.Spoilers Ahead!Maquia: once the Promised Flower Blooms' core themes and also what Mari Okada completely nailed is the shapes and also situations of what motherhood is like and sure LA isn't one at ALL, however nonetheless, what Maquia: once the Promised Flower Blooms bring to the table just shows off Mari Okada directing and passion top top the themes that the topic matter. Maquia ours titular character having the most emphasis gives us among an orphan it s her taking care of Ariel and also if she's an really "mother" come Ariel or not, Maquia is multi-faceted as her very slow aging is also a factor and what this means to their trials and also tribulations Maquia and Ariel both on a personal level but likewise with outer factors additionally getting in your way. As such Maquia's consistent worry that her not being a mommy to Ariel because of her having no experience in the issue not to point out her basically adopting Ariel once she to was a child at the time and also on the various other side, together while Ariel is farming up, Ariel's desire to defend Maquia through the outer determinants getting in the method to the point of war breaking the end in Mezarte. Lelia voiced through Ai Kayano is another Iorph, being captured by Mezarte pressures to produce a heir come Mezarte heat so they have the right to last forever, yet being basically held captive, no maybe to her daughter and Mezarte themselves shunning Lelia and her daughter bring in the isolationism come motherhood and also how this rather obviously fracturing any kind of chance the a relationship in between Lelia and also Medmel voiced through Misaki Kuno her daughter.Ariel together a personality is other of focal allude as well, also though Maquia is our narrative emphasis throughout the movie. We acquire to view Ariel from baby to an adult, indigenous his naivete around the world and also what Maquia way to Ariel, his defiance and his desire to safeguard Maquia and though his adolescences is him being a rather annoying brat, he is smarter than one looks, also to adult as a character and the burden and love he provides to Maquia despite it comes out in no the way he desires to show it and also to be moral those reactions that Ariel portrays is very relatable in this sense thus his actions though brash at times does average alot to Maquia.Maquia: as soon as the Promised Flower Blooms has actually two major plotlines, the emphasis on Maquia and also Ariel v the times and that that Lelia and Krim voiced by Yuki Kaji another Iorph who escaped the raid of his village and wants whatever to be back to normal and was in love through Lelia. Despite Maquia: when the Promised Flower Blooms security the majority of it's time on Maquia and Ariel i m sorry by all way makes sense, LA would favor to see more of Lelia and Krim come this regard as seeing what sort of chaos they both went v through the times would had actually been interesting. Despite this bring up exactly how each of the escaped Iorph lives their lives, Krim wanting life to be earlier to normal and also willing to perform ANYTHING to obtain that...wanting to store his cloth as it were, Lelia being compelled a life she didn't want, shedding she previous personality because that the Mezarte and unable to perform anything about it being something akin come someone offering you different apparel for the rest of her life and also Maquia that weaves her very own cloth yet with Ariel, so it's a stronger and also unique towel as a result.For it's computer animation done by P.A Works, fine LA will certainly say this, the computer animation is gorgeous to the nth degree and also expected that P.A Works however the attention to detail, great battles, beautiful background and also expressive facial movements were every spot on and also executed to impressive degree, vast and major props come the animators the P.A functions bringing us such beautifully detailed and also gorgeous animation.As for voice work, the voice actors to be amazingly casted, indigenous Miyu Irino together Ariel, Manaka Iwami as Maquia and Ai Kayano as Lelia all 3 that might too of acquired LA's MVP's because that this movie hand down, especially Manaka Iwami pass so much emotions and selection from doting mother whilst maintaining her innocence and even nailing the more dramatic moments in the movie, Manaka Iwami is mirroring off what she's qualified of together a voice actor and this might too be her large break together LA remembers her as Chiaki Hoshinomori from Gamers and Kotoko Watatsumugi from Urahara. However nonetheless the voice actors for Maquia: when the Promised Flower Blooms has a great cast, native Yoko Hikasa, Yuki Kaji, Miyuki Sawashiro and Tomokazu Sugita and Yoshimasa Hosoya.With together praise, walk Maquia: once the Promised Flower Blooms have any kind of flaws?, fine nitpicks to say the least, because of how interweaved and also solid it's theming are to it's characters, few of the few nitpicks LA would say to Maquia: as soon as the Promised Flower Blooms would certainly be that the movie has actually lots the time skips and LA will protect this at the very least they subtly but cleverly provides us ideas to this reflecting the whole "show don't tell" however it has some jarring move especially early on, the various other is miscellaneous LA abovementioned of LA wanting Lelia and Krim an ext screentime however this gift MAQUIA: once the Promised Flower Blooms LA think it renders sense lock didn't and also even then Lelia has some relevance to the plot as soon as it requires Mezarte so it's partly satisfying at least. Finally and this the the most nitpicky therefore this is LA yet the movie gets pitch dark in ~ points like LA it s okay it her trying come portray they are in the dark, yet we kinda have SEE together well, otherwise it's nothing but darkness with tiny animation come convey that besides...darkness with small outlines.

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Nitpicky but this by NO way deter Maquia: when the Promised Flower Blooms as a entirety as it's strong plot and characters especially Maquia and Ariel was enough to organize the movie to it's fullest potential.LA will say this again and also it can't it is in understated yet Maquia: once the Promised Flower Blooms is just one of the ideal work Mari Okada has actually done, that was she baby the she scripted, storyboard and directed, showing and also executing the themes of motherhood and what the pains of partings and meetings are in it's most natural and visceral level to the allude of LA weeping and it bring away ALOT of emotional distraught to get LA to cry and also Maquia: as soon as the Promised Flower Blooms did simply that and with the couple of flaws LA sharp out just barely isn't enough to stain the tapestry that Maquia in ~ all...Parting is such sweet sorrows...but Maquia will constantly be there and also Maquia: once the Promised Flower Blooms pipeline one hell that a mark for future anime movie to come...