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The Marvel squad had a couple of new reveals today as they showcased the following wave of period of Apocalypse figures.

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With so countless AOA characters it to be gonna be hard to litter in a weak character. Legion comes close since he’s not really a component of this series, yet I obtain this to be Hasbro’s finest attempt to gain Legion in a tide that make sense.

I’m just including the placeholder for now, but after 1 p.m. I’ll throw in the really links.


Pre-order ~ above Amazon, to chat Earth and also Target.


Pre-order on Amazon, entertain Earth and also Target.


Pre-order top top Amazon, entertain Earth and also Target.


Pre-order on Amazon, to chat Earth and Target.


Pre-order top top Amazon, to chat Earth and also Target.


Pre-order ~ above Amazon, entertain Earth and Target.


Pre-order on Amazon, entertainment Earth and Target.

Build-A-Figure Colossus

Even through Legion, this is a very strong lineup that knocks out many of the remaining A-list personalities from AOA. If Hasbro have the right to squeeze the end one much more wave, we should have the ability to get Havok, Storm, Banshee, Bishop, Quicksilver, Gambit and also a Nemesis BAF.

You can still stimulate the very first wave now.


We also got a look at an upgraded Spider-Man 2099 as component of the Spider-Man Retro card series. This figure additionally has additional hand sculpts.





Pre-order Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 ~ above Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

The guys likewise showed a digital render the Tigra, a figure long overdue for an upgrade. The was difficult to do a most firm bring away on this figure because it’s a render and also Dwight mentioned she’ll have actually an additional, non-feral head sculpt that could go a long way towards she reception.

Finally, Dwight enraged a Meggan number while mirroring off a new Lockheed therefore it’s a certainty currently that we’re getting an Excalibur collection very soon.


Photo Credit: Hasbro

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