Mary had a small Lamb etc tabs (and currently ukulele tabs also - watch the bottom that the page) will be among the most basic of beginner guitar tabs come play.

It is financially rewarding and fun, since kids love to learn songs they already know! 


Please scroll under the page for the download links.

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Despite its nursery happiness status, this track is so well-known, that kids are happy to play it. Among the most fun experiences for a beginner guitar player is come pluck a line of notes and also have a recognizable tune manifest itself.

These 2 versions are simple guitar songs, but they perform cross strings, so take it straightforward on the tempo for young kids. 

By looking in ~ the treble clef notation above the line of etc tablature, youngsters can tell how long to wait or "hold" the notes.

I favor students to start with the C variation first, because they can likewise do the little C and G chords and also we deserve to play duets. For the chords, I draw slash marks right over the notes to highlight 4 strums per measure.


Please scroll down the page for the download links.

When they discover the A and E chords, then girlfriend can give them the A version. The melody in this key is so EASY!

This is a an excellent time come talk about transposing, if girlfriend haven"t already, and the relationship of the I and V chords to every other.

A heat of the music alphabet letters, repeated, is valuable for understanding this. I prefer to compose out the letters, then have them assist me pick any kind of chord (such as A), speak to it the i chord, and also count up to the V chord (the E), prefer this:



Mary had a little Lamb etc tabs will certainly be the occasion of simply one of many, plenty of conversations you and also your etc student will have around transposing, a vital skill for independent guitarists.

Now below are some ukulele-tabs:


The web links for the PDF sheets:

Download Mary had a tiny Lamb guitar tablature in crucial of C 

Download cost-free guitar sheet music in the key of 3 sharps,  A

Download uke tab for Mary had actually a tiny Lamb in C



Interested in song from the holy bible for her students or church?  inspect out my various other website,!

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