Medal of Honor: Allied assault is a first-person shooter video game occurred by 2015, Inc. That was released by electronic Arts and also released for Microsoft windows on January 22, 2002 in phibìc America and also on February 15, 2002 in Europe. Aspyr released the Mac OS X variation released later that year in August. A Linux variation was also released in 2004.

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Allied assault is the 3rd game in the Medal of honor series. That is the very first game in the series for Microsoft Windows, and also the only game in the series with expansion packs. The video game uses the id tech 3 engine, with changes from heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.², come simulate infantry combat in the European and also North african theaters during world War II.



In the video game the player bring away on the role of Lt. Mike Powell that the united States army Rangers that works because that the Office of strategic Services. Single-player missions encompass assaulting German bases in Algiers and Norway, storming Omaha coast on D-Day, and also rescuing comrades behind adversary lines in inhabited France. The game"s levels room often contrasted to Steven Spielberg"s 1998 movie Saving personal Ryan; countless of the levels are straight quotations that the scenery (or even complete sequences as in the Omaha coast mission) in the film. Omaha Beach to be re-created in Medal of Honor: Frontline for consoles.


Once a video game server and type is selected the game starts in spectator mode and the player deserve to choose between joining the allies or the axis then select the set of weapons. The video game using a suggest system, adding points because that the variety of kills and also rounds, deducting points for suicides and addition of death points for acquiring killed.

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Multiplayer consists of four various modes. Deathmatch in i beg your pardon every player needs to kill everyone else and also get the highest possible score, Team Deathmatch in i m sorry a team needs to kill various other teams and get the greatest score, ring Based which is similar in gameplay come Deathmatch however counts the rounds rather of the score and "Objective" setting where a player need to win the most rounds by perfect missions.

Other popular game settings of the video game have been created by fans, such together "Freeze Tag" which has similarities come Deathmatch but player is finished off by gift frozen, "Capture the Flag" which requires a player capture the other"s team flag and also take it ago to basic in the shortest time, "Basebuilder" which needs a team to use preset items and get the greatest score and "Countdown" in i m sorry a player is forced to hold things for a size of time to maintain the team"s life meter.


Lt. Mike Powell, the protagonist, is a professional U.S. Military Ranger and also later an agent of the Office of strategic Services. Powell and a squad of Rangers space in Arzew, Algeria, fighting on the phibìc African front. The squad fight their means into the city, but an ambush kills all the team other than Powell. Powell continues into a phibìc African Axis base, where he rescues S.A.S. Agent significant Jack Grillo and also retrieves his equipment. The significant and sublieutenant Powell separation up, v Grillo securing transport, while Powell go sabotage in a engine pool. He then links earlier up with Grillo, who has actually commandeered a jeep v a mounted machinegun. The two then journey to a German airfield, where they successfully destroy the Stuka dive bombers base there. While Grillo distracts the German forces, Powell sneaks right into a bunker, cut off Axis radio contact and also fights his means to a seaside lighthouse to signal the ally fleet to begin the intrusion of north Africa. He escapes v Grillo climate in the jeep.

Following the Allies" success in Africa, Powell and also Grillo are sent out to German-occupied Norway to infiltrate the city that Trondheim, wherein a Kriegsmarine U-boat is being outfitted with a prototype Naxos radar detector. Grillo renders it right into the basic first, yet is killed in activity by German security while opening the front gate for Powell. Powell fights his means into the base, then he disguises himself together a German officer and also infiltrates the loading dock. He first goes to the lab where he destroys the Naxos prototype. Next, Powell gains access to a submarine to plan to be fitted with the prototype and blows that up, climate escapes right into the wait ducts. He then fights his method out that the base, wherein he is extract by an ally squad.

Thanks to Powell"s efforts, the German U-Boat hazard is neutralized, clearing the way for the Allied invasion of Europe. Powell, together a component of the second Ranger Battalion, is sent out to Charlie ar of Omaha coast under Capt. Ramsay, whereby he and also his fellow Rangers storm the bunkers, despite taking heavy casualties, and also secure the beach. The is then sent into the countryside past the beaches to aid various American devices who are being harassed by Nebelwerfers.

Powell is then assigned to walk behind enemy lines and also acquire intelligence on German troop movements. ~ rescuing a stranded brother pilot Joe Baylor, Powell meets up through French Resistance member Manon Batiste (the protagonist of Medal the Honor: Underground). She sends him out to conduct various acts of sabotage against the German war effort. He climate raids a manor home being supplied as a command article where the secures vital enemy documents, consisting of the blueprints because that the brand-new King Tiger tank. Powell then escapes the manor home with Manon"s aid.

Powell"s following mission entails hijacking a King Tiger tank and using it to secure a crucial bridge at the city that Brest. After navigating through the sniper-infested ruins, the meets up with the American tank crew chosen for the mission. Powell and the tank crew catch the King Tiger and also use it come fight their method through the countryside. Upon getting to Brest, Powell provides cover because that the King Tiger to defend the bridge, till reinforcements pertained to secure it.

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Powell"s final mission sends him to fort Schmerzen, a German mustard gas-producing facility that was formerly raided by lieutenant James Patterson, yet has due to the fact that been revitalized to operation, supposedly as a POW camp, yet is probably being used to develop mustard gas. Powell is parachuted right into the woods, wherein he destroys part 3.7 cm Flak guns of various varieties that room harassing ally planes. He then infiltrates a weapons depot, and also destroys a make reservation of StG 44 attack rifle and also then destroys a German interactions outpost, cut off ft Schmerzen"s communications. Powell climate hijacks a freight train and in addition to a squad of us Rangers, offers it to reach Schmerzen. Upon getting here at Schmerzen, Powell and his other Rangers storm the fort and release every the POWs. Powell climate fights his way into the lower levels of Schmerzen, where he discovers that the fort"s mustard gas production framework are tho operational. He plants explosives on the gas facilities, and also escapes just prior to Fort Schmerzen is destroyed.