The first game, Mega male X, has the worst intake lag by much at 120ms or more on every platforms. Portable setting with joycon is the worst of every at 134ms (~8 frames)

Overall Xbox One and also PC fares the best, PS4 (Pro) is the worst, and Switch is in the middle.

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Pro controller the best way to play on Switch. Has much better latency utilizing bluetooth than wired via USB.

SNES classic version of X1 surprisingly low

Oh wow, one more case of agree Controller has an ext input lag wired.

So ns guess this is more than just a software problem.

I'll always upvote anything and also anyone the cares around input lag. I'm always an extremely happy when civilization care about this type of thing!

I’ve only played X1-6 on the arsenal so far so i can’t vouch for every game however the intake lag is real. I uncovered playing X1 wirelessly v my pro controller practically unbearable. I got used come it after a few levels so it became less noticeable but the initial hour or so was jarring.

The gamings are playable, though. Ns didn’t have actually much trouble completing the first 6 games and their accomplishments and both X difficulty modes. You adapt to the entry lag, as lot of a bummer as it is.

I haven’t tried 7 or 8 yet, so i can’t speak because that those games.

Thanks for making this video.

My roommate and another friend are large into MM, and also they immediately i found it the lag ~ above booting increase X for the very first time.

I didn’t do it yet be certain to support this guy if friend care around input lag, no enough world doing tests favor this the end there.

I did too, that's why i made these videos. I normally play X2 on mine Super NT nowadays so that was obvious the very first time ns jumped.

I can not use seen any type of tests yet I wasn’t happy v the entry lag in MMLC1, however MMLC2 is quite decent.

Yes castle lag as well, not as poor but that u have played tge originals before you'll notification immediately

I've play X1 come X6 so far, right now on X7. Ns didn't understand if it to be lag or what, however I virtually smashed my pro controller in X3, the stuttering absolutely didn't aid either. ~ above X1 and also X2 ns was affected, yet those games are therefore awesome ns didn't mind the much except when getting the Shoryuken and also the heart in the Roadrunner stage in X2.

Sidenote: X6 is one atrocious game! So happy I never spent any money top top the PS MMX games earlier in the day, the "best" is X4, and also it's pretty meh.

If girlfriend think X6 was that bad, simply wait it rotates you start X7. It's by far the worst mainline video game in either Mega Man series or also Mighty Number 9.

Not that X6 was good by any kind of means, but, god, X7...

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