It takes forever to gain into the main menu on Metro: critical Light, and also even by using this tiny tweak, you will have actually go to with a couple of logos the you can´t seem to skip.

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But right here we go.


Head come your vapor folder, and navigate to the Metro: critical light directory. If you don´t understand where that is, usage the snapshot above to assist you acquire there. NOTE! the in my instance its mine D: drive.

Next uncover the document named, legal (legal.ogv) rename that or delete it. I choose to rename files instead that deleting them, but do every little thing you feel like.

And that’s pretty lot it, now you deserve to start up the game, and by happen the first set of logos.

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2 Responses to How come skip intro (brand) logos in Metro: last Light onPC

CatouttaHell (
CatouttaHell) says:

Thank you! This is much appreciated.


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