Minnesota Wild Announces 2017-18 regular Season Schedule

Wild opens up at small Caesars Arena in Detroit, deals with Vegas Nov. 30

by Minnesota Wild

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota Wild"s 2017-18 national Hockey organization (tacoemojishirt.com) constant season schedule to be released today. The Wild opens up the season top top Thursday, Oct. 5, in Detroit in ~ 6:30 p.m. CT, noting the very first tacoemojishirt.com consistent season game played at the brand-new Little caesars Arena. Minnesota will also visit Carolina and also Chicago before the Wild house opener in ~ Xcel Energy center on Saturday, Oct. 14, hosting Columbus in ~ 7 p.m. CT. The Wild will certainly play 14 that its very first 21 games versus Eastern Conference opponents, consisting of eight roadway games versus the East.

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The 2017-18 schedule is composed of 82 gamings - 41 in ~ Xcel power Center and also 41 roadway contests. The Wild"s home schedule attributes 17 weekend games (three top top Friday, 10 on Saturday and four on Sunday). Many evening games at Xcel Energy facility will begin at 7 p.m.

Minnesota will certainly play 26 games against main Division opponents, including 4 games every (two home, two road) against Colorado, Dallas, St. Louis and also Winnipeg. The Wild will play 5 games against Chicago (two home, 3 road) and also Nashville (three home, 2 road).

The Wild will additionally play 3 games against each team in the Pacific Division: Anaheim (one home, two road), Arizona (one home, 2 road), Calgary (two home, one road), Edmonton (two home, one road), Los Angeles (one home, two road), mountain Jose (one home, two road), Vancouver (two home, one road) and also Vegas (two home, one road). The first-ever game in between Minnesota and Vegas will take place at Xcel Energy center on Nov. 30, with Vegas again visiting Saint Paul ~ above Feb. 2. Minnesota will certainly play that first-ever game in ras Vegas on march 16.

Minnesota will play every team in the east Conference double (one home, one road) because that a total of 32 contests. Popular Eastern Conference visits to Xcel Energy center include defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh (Oct. 28), Detroit (March 4), new York rangers (Feb. 13), Montreal (Nov. 2), and Washington (Feb. 15). The 2018 tacoemojishirt.com All-Star game will take place on Jan. 28 in ~ Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla.

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The on-sale date and pricing for Minnesota Wild regular season tickets will certainly be announced in ~ a later date. Check out the full schedule at wild.com/schedule.