Opal Sands Resort, Clearwater’s newest beachfront hotel, is the can be fried Gulf coast retreat wherein every guest room overlooks the Gulf the Mexico – perfect because that watching the fireworks indigenous your very own balcony if friend are looking for a quiet romantic evening. Before the fireworks begin, you will want to have actually dinner at Opal Sand’s award-winning Sea-Guini Restaurant, one of the city’s most famous eateries. In addition to the consistent dinner menu, Sea-Guini will certainly offer new Year’s night specials. If it’s a quite evening, head end to the swimming pool bar or the Sandbar lounge, both the which will be open up until 1 a.m. And will offer great views the the fireworks ~ above Clearwater Beach.

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Room rates and also packages differ so check the hotels’ website for much more information.

Casa Marina Hotel

Jacksonville Beach, FloridaIf you are looking for an elegant means to celebrate new Year’s, step earlier into time at the Casa Marina Hotel, built in 1925 in ~ the height of Florida’s first land boom.

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Known by the national Trust for historic Preservation as one of the historical Hotels that America, the Casa Marina has a rich history of dazzling parties and hosting celebrity guests. This year 12th annual brand-new Year’s night celebration guarantees to be simply as dazzling.