Los Angeles, CA – January 19, 2018 – Today, Nashville’s own alt-rock-five-piece tape Moon Taxi releases their very anticipated fifth studio album, Let The document Play via RCA Records.

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PRESS HERE come stream or acquisition the album. Produced and also mixed by Spencer Thomson (the band’s guitarist), Let The record Play is a triumphant minute of rock-pop expedition that proves the Moon Taxi is a rarely band that can address the temperature that our turbulent times while likewise providing the euphoric musical escapism us so badly need.

Tying right into the album release, the band performed your hit solitary “Two High” on The now Show/Megyn Kelly TODAY. The track is a an international streaming hit, reaching #1 at Triple A Radio, is gift played top top Sirius XM’s The Spectrum, Alt nation and Jam On, and has actually garnered over 74 million streams ~ above Spotify alone. PRESS right here to watch the performance and PRESS below to listen/watch the video clip for “Two High.” “Two High” is also being featured in the 2018 Jeep Compass commercial.

Let The record Play is a record of one of the most an innovative bands to emerge from Nashville’s immensely productive landscape – and also one that has actually been flourishing on the festival scene because that years, happen their electric performances come Coachella, Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo and also beyond. Beloved enough in their hometown to sell out 2 nights in ~ the famous Ryman Auditorium this past October, this LP, their RCA records debut, is specific to catapult them also higher.

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In support of Let The record Play, Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitarist), Spencer Thomson (guitarist and also producer), Wes Bailey (keyboardist), Tommy Putnam (bassist) and Tyler Ritter (drummer) will certainly embark on your Let The record Play tour beginning in February followed by a performance at Bonnaroo in June.

Moon Taxi Upcoming Shows

February 1 Boone, NC
Schaefer Performing arts Center

February 2 Knoxville, TN
Mill & Mine

February 3 Knoxville, TN
Mill & Mine

February 8 Bloomington, IN
The Bluebird

February 9 Lexington, KY
Manchester Music Hall

February 10 Palatine, IL
Durty Nellie’s

February 14 Fayetteville, AR
George’s Majestic

February 15 Columbia, MO
The Blue Note

February 16 Oklahoma City, yes sir
The Jones Assembly

February 17 Kansas City, MO
The Truman

March 2 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
One big Holiday 2018

March 23 Covington, KY
Madison Theater

March 24 Covington, KY
Madison Theater

March 25 Houston, TX
In Bloom Fest

April 4 Oxford, ms
The Lyric Oxford

April 5 Baton Rouge, LA
Varsity Theatre

April 7 Mobile, AL
soul Kitchen

April 12 Columbus, five
Newport Music Hall

April 14 Detroit, MI
Majestic Theater

May 17 Baltimore, MD
Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

June 7-10 Manchester, TN
Bonnaroo Music & art Festival

July 14-15 Birmingham, AL
Sloss Music & art Festival

Photo Credit: Harper SmithFrom together to R: Tyler Ritter, Tommy Putnam, Wes Bailey, Trevor Terndrup, and Spencer Thomson