The Moto Z3 Play is just one of the latest flagships native Motorola that offers impressive specs and also support because that the growing selection of Moto Mods, do it specifically appealing update for Motorola pan who currently own a pair of add-ons. In terms of cases, Motorola uses its very own Moto format Shell that provides the Moto mod magnets to safeguard the back glass, but we can also recommend other great cases choose the Spigen rugged Armor.

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Classy clean case: Dretal Slim fit Bumper Case

A minimalist instance that combine a versatile TPU bumper through a clear ago panel that uses rigid support. This case offers clean lines v reinforcement wherein you need it most and flush cutouts roughly the camera and also fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone.


Carbon fiber sleek: Poetic Karbon Shield Case

There"s a lot come love about the Poetic Karbon Shield case, which supplies heavy-duty protection with a sleek, carbon fiber texture. This instance adds a touch of class to the phone, spanning the volume and also power buttons through an ample cutout roughly the fingerprint scanner.


Dual-layer protection: TUDIA Slim-Fit hefty Duty Case

If girlfriend feel much better with a dual-layer situation check out the TUDIA Slim-Fit hefty Duty Case. It combines a shock-absorbing TPU skin with a pc shell in minimalist situation that protects the screen and also cameras while maintaining the buttons, ports, and also fingerprint sensors every perfectly accessible.


Barely there: LK Ultra Slim thin Clear Case

LK has actually designed this ultra-thin case to precisely fit the Moto Z3 Play. This instance is about as sleek and minimalist together it get, barely adding any mass to her phone. Due to the fact that it"s made of TPU this instance is shock absorbent, scrape resistant, and additionally provides part anti-slip protection when you place your phone down on a surface.

Moto Magnetic: Moto Mod format Shells

Motorola"s own format Shells use the same magnetic pins that provide Moto Mods their magic, yet these shells run as lightweight and also low-key covers for the phone"s back glass. We"re an especially partial come the Crimson Ballistic Nylon version, pictured.

We"re glad that Spigen uses its rough Armor case for the Moto Z3 Play because it"s constantly a peak recommendation once it"s available for a phone. This one-piece situation is lightweight and precisely design to protect your phone through a cool look and also comfortable feel in hand.

It"s worth noting the all these cases are walking to prevent you native using any Moto Mods as they all fully cover the mode connectors, however you most likely figured that one the end by now. Also be weary if you"re interested in the Moto mode Shells since we"ve seen cheaper knock-off execution that apparently block her cell signal. Be certain you"re purchase a reliable instance that won"t interfere v your phone.

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