Exhaust plunder will give you more than just awesome looking headers. You’ll additionally see a palliation in temperatures roughly the exhaust also as much more horsepower.

These benefits space the result of boosted engine efficiency. You’ll get much more horsepower because the wrap will keep exhaust warm in the headers rather of dissipating come other areas of her engine.

When warm is had within the exhaust mechanism it will boost the circulation of exhaust gasses throughout the entire system.

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The faster exhaust gasses move, the much more power you’ll receive. Combine exhaust wrap through a high flow catalytic converter and also performance muffler and you can see an even bigger horsepower boost.

Performance services of Exhaust Wrap

In a dyno check by warm Rod newspaper they discovered exhaust wrap significantly reduced engine temperatures.

On unwrapped headers, the temperature near the cylinder head to be 1,156 levels Fahrenheit. After ~ the wrap to be applied, the temperature dropped to 972 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only did the exhaust temperature decrease, yet so go other locations of the engine. On your test they found that the valve consist of on their 600 horsepower little block Chevy test engine dropped indigenous 750 degrees Fahrenheit to only 619.

Installing plunder on her motorcycle exhaust or automobile headers is simple. Grab one of our encourage kits and also start wrapping. In around an hour you’ll have actually an exhaust mechanism that looks brand new.

Complete Exhaust wrap Kits

DEI 010110 KitDEI 010111 KitDEI 010112 Kit
Black WrapTan WrapTan Wrap
Black HT CoatingWhite HT CoatingAluminum HT Coating

Complete kits for Motorcycles

DEI 010330 KitDEI 010331 Motorcycle KitDEI 010332 Motorcycle Kit
Black WrapTan WrapTan Wrap
Black HT CoatingAluminum HT CoatingWhite HT Coating

Black, Tan and also Titanium Rolls

1" x 15"1" x 15"1" x 15"
1" x 50"1" x 50"1" x 50"
2" x 15"2" x 15"2" x 15"
2" x 50"2" x 50"2" x 50"

What’s included in one Exhaust wrap Kit?

We recommend the DEI kit since it has everything your must wrap your headers all in one box. Even if it is you have actually a V8 or a Harley-Davidson, this kit will cover your headers every the means from the head bolts come the end of the collector.

This kit has two 2″ x 50 foot roll of plunder – enough to complete any job through extra come spare. Plus, you’ll obtain one deserve to of high temperature Silicone coating and also stainless stole locking ties.

Included in the Kit:

2 rolfes of 2 in. X 50 ft. Exhaust Wrap1 have the right to of HT Silicone Coating Spray8 – 8 in. Stainless steel Locking Ties4 – 14 in. Stainless stole Locking TiesAvailable in black color Wrap/Black Spray, Tan Wrap/Aluminum Spray, Tan Wrap/White Spray

How to download Exhaust Wrap

Tools Needed:

WaterSquirt BottleGlovesMetal ClippersScissorsFlathead Screwdriver

It is finest practice to obtain the plunder wet before installing. However, you need to be careful around how much you use.

Run the role under small stream of water. Execute not soak or submerge wrap in a bucket. Many wraps, especially DEI brand products, have actually a distinct coating the you carry out not desire to remove by utilizing too much water. Also, a soaking wet wrap will make a chaos while you’re trying to download it.

As you are running the pave under water, to express the wrap till it feel soft and also there room no more hard point out in the roll. Have a squirt party of water handy while you space installing the wrap. If it begins to dried out before you room finished spray a little water top top the dry area.

A few other points to note. When installing wrap you would certainly normally apply the silicone coating at the end. However, if you have actually mild-steel headers, girlfriend should use the coating prior to wrapping. This will certainly seal the headers indigenous moisture the gets trapped under the wrap.

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If you’ve to be looking at wrap reviews online, you’ll an alert that many civilization claim wrap ruined their headers. To prevent this same fate, make certain you seal them through silicone first.