GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The mountain Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro hosted its annual Christmas occasion on Sunday.

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The event contained a giveaway wherein money to be donated come the community.

The giveaway included:

$50K inspect to three different churches$25K inspect to Children’s house Society44 checks at $500 each for Greensboro church widows$18K inspect for student loansTwo check at $500 each for RDU church widowsTwo new cars60 bikes

“To whom lot is given, much is required, and much is expected,” claimed Bryan Pierce, the an elderly pastor at mount Zion Baptist Church. “So we require to be able to help. But, in ~ the very same time, i do believe that as one of the top churches in this area, the is additionally our responsibility to assist be an instance and invoke, if friend will, the soul of generosity.”

Santa Claus’ residence now selling for an ext than $1 million this Christmas Eve

by Kayla Morton / Dec 24, 2021

NORTH POLE (WNCN) - ever before wonder how much Santa Claus" residence would market for? Try much more than $1 million.

This Christmas Eve, Zillow has Old St. Nick"s three-bedroom, two-bathroom house and also land detailed at a little much more than $1 million increase in the phibìc Pole.


Cars line up for last-minute COVID-19 tests front of Christmas in Winston-Salem

by Emily Mikkelsen / Dec 24, 2021
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — people were lining up on Christmas Eve, and not because that last-minute shopping.

They were waiting in Winston-Salem for last-minute COVID-19 tests in ~ the StarMed testing site in ~ Union Baptist Church on trade Street.


Do this one point to avoid coming to be a victim of theft at gas pumps

by Heidi Schmidt, Nexstar Media wire / Dec 24, 2021
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – If you"re hitting the road and traveling this holiday season, there"s a an easy trick to defend yourself from thieves.

During the run-up to the holidays, number of local regulation enforcement departments space warning of "skimmers" ~ above gas pumps. End the past few weeks, authorities in brand-new York, Kansas, Utah and also other states have warned around scammers preying ~ above unsuspecting drivers.




‘I’m tho overwhelmed’: Greensboro male who determined dog over surgical treatment thanks neighborhood for help him uncover place come live

‘I’m tho overwhelmed’: Greensboro guy who made decision dog over surgical procedure thanks neighborhood for helping him find place come live


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Man arrested after ~ busting into stranger’s hotel room in High Point, trying to stuff end $2,000 in toilet tank, police say