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five yeahYour boy Twista Yeah, ha ha Mr. Capone-E in the place Oh! The Midwest, West coast connection West coast! and also this is exactly how we placed it down, you know what I'm talkin' about That's right A lil' somethin' because that the ladiesChorus: Fingazz (Mr. Capone-E) TwistaIt't not loveDon't acquire it twisted (Don't obtain it twisted)I'll do youFeel therefore good, however you gotta sluggish downIt't not love It's no loveDon't acquire it twisted (Don't obtain it twisted)I'll do youWanna perform it all night, every nightSaid it's not love It ain't love, shawtyDon't gain it twisted (Don't get it twisted)I'll do youFeel so good, yet you gotta slow-moving downIt't not love It's no loveDon't get it twisted (Don't get it twisted)I'll make youWanna carry out it all night, all nightSaid it's not love
It's not love comes from a directly thugAll up in the club, lookin' pretty, wanna bugThat's what that was, the was love, therefore lady, here I come, so pass me the budGettin' you, if I'm sprung the end the tongue, ya cute playboyWhen ns stuntOne through one, girlfriend standin' in line, ain't one through one, I'm checking out your rumpOh yeah, it's Mr. Capon-Double EInternationally known as a pimp daddyI'll make you feel so good, heinas scream"We love you, baby"Stop me if my cocky, but my video game is so trump tightHave friend screaming the end my nameBaby girl, girlfriend looking fineBottom lineLady, lady, there's no love native this jockI just wanna get you hotFind your spotNever will certainly I stopHit it, stop it, room you through it, let's simply keep this tiny secretBut don't catch no feelings when you sqealin'Don't get it twistedRepeat ChorusAhSay ns was rollin' in the 'Llac v a shawtyBut now, ns gotta go and also catch me a hottieChillin' in the cut up in the V.I.PNow I'm after her body in the ~ party (That's right)With a (???) gettin' loveGet a girl to ago it up, spend a stack for the buds (That's right)You a one-night-stand, shorty, tell me where you actin' to love, in the back of the society (Come on)You gone gain up in a Bentley v a ballerLet me take you to a tele, however the haters can't acquire me (Mm hmm)Hit that ass, and I also spank titties (Mm hmm)Now provide a small to the homie frank NittyNow give it to Mr. Capone-EAin't no talk about "It's just me"Get the on through a GI'm a never ever leave friend lonelyGot girlfriend rollin' on chrome BCome and also get me the thereLike the method I pull her hairSpank on your derierreMake girlfriend scream "Ouch," give it to you while us fucking on the couchGive it come you while we fucking ~ above the chairLook in ~ lil' mamma, sweatin' good, gettin' rocked by the ballsGotta hit the hard, not too softNever get it twisted reason you fuckin' with the TwistaWhen ns pop you off, I'm a drop friend offIt's not love

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Repeat ChorusI wanna make you execute it all night longPlay the again, simply sing this songWest coast, midwest, dirty south, east coastline ladies, simply drop the thongsLet's get it on, traction the alarm, it's a playa through thatThug-like passionI store on askin', remindin' it just a one night stand-inDon't matter my company, but baby, speed a playAnd if you gain that little chance, mijaLet's operation awayAnyway, it's all day, by the way, i gots to leaving in a rushA fast nutDon't friend fussAll ns didWas just fuck(Fingazz in background) that ain't love (It's no love) the ain't love (Don't gain it twisted...) It's a one night stand That's right, friend know exactly how we doin' it Shorty, offer a lil' somethin' up That's how it's goin' under (It's not love) We put it under (Don't get it twisted...)Twista from the Chi West coast baby, CaliMr. Capone v the EDon't get it twisted (It's not love)Oh! (Don't gain it twisted...)