I will testimonial the MSI B350M Gaming pro Bios and also Motherboard specifications in this article. The MSI B350M Gaming pro motherboard supports AMD’s first and 2nd APU-based processors. AMD released 2 APU for Vega Graphics that space compatible with the present B350 and also X370 motherboards through simply a firmware update. This short article will discuss the MSI b350m bios, Bios key, software support, and maximum RAM assistance capabilities.

MSI B350M Gaming pro Bios

MSI has released AM4 motherboards with the Click BIOS 5 UEFI BIOS ~ above each. The overall architecture consists the a red and black shade contrasted layout with white text similar to a gaming theme in the entirety. It has actually a well-formatted user interface with an easy-to-navigate splash screen that opens to an progressed BIOS display that you deserve to switch in between by pushing the F7 key. Additionally, the BIOS responds quickly fast, but sometimes it stutters a little bit while acquisition screenshots for the gallery.


You can uncover a lot of information related come the set up processor, current-voltage settings, and also bios splash screen. Using the drop-down menus come the left, users have the right to choose in between CPU, memory, storage, and fan displays. Individuals can allow Game rise at the peak of the screen which will boost the CPU core speed and also voltage relying on the version of the Ryzen processor installed. Making use of AMD’s video game Boost feature, our Ryzen 1700 applies a 400 MHz boost, disables AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet, ramps up CPU pan speed, and also is set to 1.45 V.

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The bottom of the window offers choices to enable or disable the HD Audio controller, follow the menus because that switching in between the AHCI flasher mode and also the RAID mode, and even access the hardware monitor. XMP 2.0 memory profiles space also permitted by the button next to the Game rise switch and on the appropriate of this, girlfriend can adjust the boot Priority for mounted storage drives in the BIOS. The dashboard on top remains the exact same through the BIOS, in spite of switching between an easy and advanced modes.

Download MSI B350M Gaming pro Bios Drivers

To download the MSI B450M Gaming pro Bios climate you have to visit this link. It will take you to the official MSI website’s download page from wherein you can conveniently download the MSI b350m gaming agree bios update.

MSI B350M Gaming agree Bios Key

The MSI B350 Gaming pro Bios controls the boot procedure when the computer boots up. The POST step tests the power, memory, CPU, and any other attached gadgets to the system, i beg your pardon is additionally known together the Power On self Testphase. Afterward, the BIOS offers control ago to your operation system.

You have to restart your computer first to enter the MSI B350M Gaming agree Bios, then push the delete or F7 an essential to access its BIOS.

MSI B350M Gaming agree Specifications:

Here space the specifications of MSI’s B350M Gaming Pro:

MSI B350M Gaming agree Ram Compatibility:

The MSI B450M assistance DDR4 memory of1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2667(OC)/ 2933(OC)/ 3200(OC)+ MHz maximum. Girlfriend can additionally buy this recommended rams for this motherboard indigenous here:

BrandModelShopping Link
PatriotPSP48G2400KH1 inspect Price
KingstonKVR26N19S6/4 inspect Price
CrucialCT4G4DFS632A inspect Price
HyperXHX421C14FB/4 inspect Price
BallistixBLS4G4D240FSA examine Price

MSI B350M Gaming pro Price

MSI’s B450M Gaming Pro is an affordable motherboard. It was released because that gamers who want to buy a gaming motherboard on a restricted low budget. This motherboard is available for about 80-90$ from virtual stores or regional stores. You can buy this motherboard from Newegg and also Aliexpress and many digital stores.

You can likewise read the article around Best Motherboard because that Ryzen 5 2600x here.

Final Words

Thanks come its wide range of GPU outputs, the MSI B350M Gaming Pro is an extremely value-friendly motherboard v a plethora the features. It’s also ideal for an APU choose the crow Ridge APUs. The EZ Debug LEDs and the surprise OC header room really nice functions from MSI. My CPU LED stayed red throughout the first couple of boots, and I establish I had to update the BIOS.

It is necessary to upgrade the BIOS ~ above a motherboard uneven it is plainly marked the it support 2000-series processors. AMD will lend friend a CPU to flash the BIOS which is a great thing. Additionally, the motherboard has actually a beefy SoC VRM, v two huge power stages, each composed of dual the number of MOSFETs, therefore it need to be easy for it to overclock the GPU. The B350M Gaming pro motherboard is a good choice for anyone searching for an affordable, hard motherboard for your Raven Ridge APU.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

The following are answer to few of the most generally asked questions by users

1. Just how to get in BIOS MSI B350M?

This Click BIOS 5 GUI is really well set out through an easy-to-navigate entrance splash screen, and a nicely laid out progressed BIOS display screen that can be accessed by pushing F7.

2. Exactly how do I update my BIOS MSI B350M gaming pro?

To download and also update the MSI B450M Gaming agree Bios then you have to visit this link. It will certainly take you to the official MSI website’s download web page from wherein you can easily download the MSI b350m gaming agree bios update.

3. Does MSI B350M Gaming Pro have Bluetooth?

No, the MSI B350M does not have actually Bluetooth or WiFi. However, you have the right to buy a Bluetooth dongle and also a wifi adapter.

4. How do ns download the MSI command center?

On the MSI main WebSite, because that example click the button and form and press .Click Then select and select your windows version.Install your favorite application.

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5. MSI B350m Gaming pro CPU Compatibility

It supports AMDRyzen 1st and second Generation / Ryzen with Radeon Vega graphic Processors and also AMDA-series / Athlon Processors because that Socket AM4.