1: as soon as you very first enter the church, look to the right to watch this witnessed lying on the ground in the corner.

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2: walk to the best side the the main church area, and also this saw will be on the soil in a spot of ghostly flooring.

3: at the bottom of the stairs to the 2nd floor in the Rectory, in the environment-friendly wallpapered hallway, look for this experienced in the edge to the left the the staircase.

4: In the Rectory, friend will pertained to an old woman talking to a younger one around a wedding. Look come the left of castle to discover the experienced on the ground there.

5: next to the washroom in the Rectory will be a maintenance room. Look for this witnessed on the ground inside it.

6: Directly throughout from the door to the maintain room, in the hallway, will be one more saw lying next to a huge cabinet.

7: to spot this one, go with the kitchen in the Rectory come the room that the open vent ~ above the soil is fastened to and also you will find this on the ground.

8: when you space in the church attic, go through the door blocked by a dresser and also you will see this ~ above the far side in the following room.

9: after ~ you rotate on the vacuum to make the priest come and also look, possess him and then go down the middle hallway just before the Nave door. In the center of the passage will be the saw in between two cabinets.

10: once you enter the hallway ~ above the opposite next from whereby the priest is vacuuming, to go from the Nave come the Rectory, friend will watch this saw just inside the door.

11: as soon as on the top floor that the key church area, go with the door on the left side to with the staircase walking down. Just on the other side of the door will be the experienced on the step.

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The Bell Tower Banshee

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