No, not in a sexual way, however they have such a near relationship. That wont self-control her, and she gets everything she wants. She still wants to be hosted by dad every the time, ( she will certainly be 8 in a pair months), she strattles she dads lap, she tho is obsessed over looking or do the efforts to obtain a glance of his penis,...I found them the various other night crying with each other as he put her come bed cause she walk not want to go house to she moms the next day. OK...If ns cry, I obtain yelled at..daughter is told everything, nothing about my marital relationships is sacred, she observed my wedding pics v her dad prior to we also has a possibility to review together. She wins ~ above every topic...even if she requirements to be sent out to she room...he picks she feelings end mine....always...rather than informing his daughter no, or thats not acceptable, he would quite it be me in mine room crying...which happens more often 보다 I would favor to admit. I am simply a visitant in this house, a nanny...she appears to be the wife...he has actually much an ext of a closer partnership with her 보다 me..he tells she everything! go anyone else attend to this? i feel therefore dismissed all the time...by a freaking 7 year old spoiled brat!


Alot that us have these same problems, through our DH and also Skid, it have the right to stem indigenous guilt that DH feels for the failed marital relationship or whatever. Guilt parenting.

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I think your voice really demands to it is in heard, this habits of her DH is only going to create a bigger monster SD. Ns know how it feel once the skid to walk in the door and all of a sudden, your waiting in edge waiting because that them to leave to get your DH back.

Talk come DH, let him become mindful of his behavior.


let the gamings begin. SHe is no your greatest problem, that is. Its simple he is the only one that can let or not let this kind of habits happen. Communication is key. In the median time as soon as I have challenging times favor those...I disengage. THat way take treatment of me. I discover things to do...go out through friends..just merely go about my business. Permit the males stay at residence with skidlets and also have every the funny of DDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAA commmmeeee hereeeeeeeeeeeee.


I deserve to relate to the also close for comfort thing. Speak to it what friend will, we had actually the exact same situation. Mine stepdaughter and also my husband had been "a couple" for 10 years. Hubby didn"t date much and committed his entire life to his darling daughter. In countless ways she"s a sweet young woman, but still a woman who was offended by having her dad taken away. That"s difficult to swallow. I"m the evil woman that stole she daddy. My husband has learned to adjust with the hope that his and also my partnership will be one this his daughter will certainly emulate through her future husband. If the treats me poorly, he deserve to be assured that his daughter will resolve for the same form of treatment. Uneven Dad wants to continually it is in the hero in his daughter"s life through bailing her the end of bad relationships the he will be ensured that by dealing with his mam poorly. I get what guilt is every about. You space either guilty or no guilty. Its no a feeling. The feeling is dead over how they treated the previous spouse. Men have a hard time v pride and admitting their mistakes. Pray for him and don"t try to teach him. He"ll resent you. That is much easier to it is in a hero to a kid that to a get an impression woman.

wow ns cant think what ns reading, i have been going v hll the critical year of my life v this 11 year old pre pms monster (that love the course). Same instance mom and dad dated because that 14 years never got married split up 4 years earlier dad and also i simply bought a house, moved in, gaining married and also she gets whatever she wants. Ns tell the stuff and also she contradicts it and also he claims well you dont have a good memory therefore why must i believe you? She no lie...thats simply the begnning that this story...if anyone has actually time to give me genuine advice i would love it.

There is naught normal about this situation. Ns not certain what girlfriend SD"s motivation is becasue I have actually never had actually to resolve a case like this directly but I have the right to tell you the if it taken place in my house we would look for some severe counseling. Ns cant imagine this child growing into a healthy and balanced adult having actually such an unhealthy partnership with her father in ~ this age.

With a SS16! can you imagine?

I met DH as soon as SS was 12 and also he to be clingy and hanging turn off his dad 24/7 emotionally stunted and stuck at period 4 by his BP"s non-parenting (see some of my earlier write-ups as come how negative it was)-DH and also I had plenty of a cook discussion around this unhealthy dynamic that was going on (he was completely oblivious to the dynamic!).

At the moment he had actually SS EOW and they were a "couple" that did whatever together (thank goodness ns did not need to put up with the sleeping together concern some SP"s have to).

I usually told him that if he wanted a marital relationship to an adult that would certainly be me, if not he could go back to keeping SS16 in this emotionally unhealthy situation ( I provided the example of mine grown sons-who were raised by me alone and I go not usage them together my emotionally crutch!) and also reap what that sows by this stunner alliance.

It is not perfect as SS and also DH to be a "couple" much longer than he and I have actually been-but that is getting better once the elephant was out of the closet so come speak.

SS16 yes, really resents me together the wife as I have actually taken HIS place-but seriously, this teen demands to get a life external of hanging off his father.

It will all depend on her SO"s willingness come a)admit over there is a problemb)If they desire their kids to be emotionally totality as adults.

Step education – you could need come step back before you action in something!

"To Thine very own Self it is in True" wilhelm Shakesphere

SD17 and also H have actually an unnatural connection also-if friend think a 7 yr old sitting on "daddys" lap all the time, wait it spins you need to watch it with a 17 yr old!-almost 18! Talk about as the stomach turns.

I was just reading KK"s post-her SD is 29, and it"s still about SD & "Daddy".

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These men have these strange attachments to virtually grown or get an impression daughters-

You might, if you"re in a position to carry out so, acquire this nipped best now. Prior to you have to watch indigenous the sidelines as your life together a mam passes by.

do friend think that yet creepy and unatural it is the these men (excluding our men on here) feel SAFE loving these kids as a partner?that that is a for sure love because that them?IDK possibly I am means off basic on this however it just seems that there is part pattern some MO that has to tie this all together and maybe it could be that these guys were so HURT by the biomom the they feel "safe" offering this love to the child and also NOT for sure loving a real partner the exact same way?ok feel cost-free to whack me with a stupid rod ..again!!"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one."