Get to know Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young, The Memorable pair in WGM

Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young was among the many memorable couples on the present We obtained Married. Their onscreen chemistry was visible and also their partnership seemed genuine. Hong Jin-young’s cheerful character and Nam Gung-min’s attentive character to be the perfect combination for a successful We got Married couple.

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The pair traveled to Saipan, Thailand and Macau while filming for the series. The couple’s illustration were funny to watch and also lasted end a year. They are well-known as a perfect human body couple. Let’s find out more about their memorable moments on We obtained Married in this tacoemojishirt.com article. Stay tuned!


First Meeting


Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young met for the very first time on march 22nd, 2014. Lock met on optimal of Hakdong Park. At first, Nam Gung-min was surprised upon seeing her due to the fact that Hong Jin-young was one of MC panel of the show. He assumed that it was a concealed camera. Hong Jin-young to be surprised and also nervous since she’d seen him before but had forgotten his name.

They to be nervous at first, however as quickly as they began to eat together the atmosphere end up being warm and also comfortable. The revealed that he had little experience with women because he attended boys middle and high school and also majored engineering with only few female students. However, the confessed that he likes bright and cheerful women.

Both Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young discovered that they shared a dislike that a faking and also pretending the contrary gender. They wanted a person behaving together their true character.



Nam Gung-min and Hong Jin-young organized a marital relationship ceremony top top a boat in Saipan. Hong Jin-young was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress while Nam Gung-min was dressed in white pants and also shirt extended with blue suit jacket. It to be a windy and also shaky wedding. Other than the couple, other attendees were the priest and also music crew pull on in timeless outfits. After ~ the priest asserted they were husband and wife, Nam Gung-min provided her the an initial kiss on her cheek. He likewise prepared a bracelet together a wedding gift because that her.



Their wedding and also honeymoon ar were in the same location, Saipan. Their an initial mission as a couple was the Nam Gung-min should give her a piggyback ride there is no her poignant the ground on their way to their room. Hong Jin-young enjoyed the minute as she perched comfortably while her husband struggled to bring her and also their luggage in ~ the same time.

Later on, they took pleasure in time with each other at the swimming pool after a romantic and luxurious dinner on the beach. Nam Gung-min confessed the her figure in a bikini was too sexy for him to just look her in the eyes. At the pool, he gotten rid of his shirt and revealed his perfectly-made washboard abs and also fit body. Hong Jin-young couldn’t aid but praise her husband’s perfect body. She to be unable to look anything other than his abs. Throughout a solo interview she referred to as Nam Goong-min she “abs husband”.

Other romantic Moments and skinship


Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young walk on a pilgrimage to Macau. They took a gondola drive to travel an synthetic river inside a shopping complex. There were just the two of castle accompanied through the mrs steering the gondola.

During their ride, they were holding hands and also the gondola boatwoman serenaded the pair with a beautiful song. The couple was amazed and also touched through the boatwoman’s an effective and beautiful voice. It was a at sight romantic moment. Touch by the romantic atmosphere, the couple kissed when they were under a bridge. It was an obligatory kiss because that every pair riding a gondola under a bridge. At the very first bridge, the kissed her on her cheek however at the critical bridge, he kissed her on she lips.

On an additional episode, the pair worked out together at the gym. Nam Gung-min determined to exercise his top body and also suggested that instead of lifting dumbbells, he might lift she body for his upper body workout. If he was laying down and facing the ceiling, she laid down on peak of his hands. Without hesitation, he efficiently lifted she upward number of times if saying just how light she was. They to be both surprised that he managed to lift her easily.



Nam Gung-min and also Hong Jin-young joined We got Married together a pair in early on March, 2014, and also then said farewell in March, 2015, after gift an onscreen married couple for a year. They obtained a lot of of great responses native viewers as result of their onscreen chemistry and also skinship during the shooting.

They parted means officially in the same place that they had held their wedding photoshoot. Both were tearful and couldn’t hide your feelings. Nam Gung-min provided Hong Jin-young a post as his digital wife. He stated that they created wonderful storage together and he will certainly remember her and also be thankful for his perfect wife.

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Hong Jin-young comment by giving a performance for her virtual husband. She claimed that she was grateful for his being she husband and also her ideal friend in ~ the very same time. She regretted the she didn’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ anytime possible.