Rock stars clear feel relaxed behind the microphone, however occasionally, they"ll step external of their comfort zones and also in front of a movie camera. Did friend spot this musicians once they make cameos in her favorite films?

1. Aimee Mann // The big Lebowski

Aimee Mann (along with Flea native Red warm Chili Peppers—more on the later) appears as among the German nihilists that helps fake Bunny"s kidnapping in The large Lebowski. In her sole scene, Mann order lingonberry pancakes at a diner. 

2. Gwen Stefani // The Aviator

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No Doubt"s command singer Gwen Stefani made a cameo appearance as 1930s superstar Jean Harlow in boy name Scorsese"s 2004 Howard Hughes biopic, The Aviator. The director lugged her in to audition after ~ he witnessed the singer top top the cover of Teen Vogue. “Marty’s daughter loves No Doubt,” Stefani said MTV. "So as soon as he observed my photo from the Teen Vogue cover, favor on the side of a bus stop, he said to her, "Who’s that girl? us should acquire her to shot out!"" throughout the audition, Stefani recounted the "my stomach was on the floor. It’s entirely humiliating to walk in and have to try out. They understand who you are, yet it’s a casting-call thing. ... told me, ‘Don’t dress choose a rock star, you need to dress increase nice. Castle couldn’t have been an ext helpful and also wanting me to acquire it. These spreading girls let me carry out it a million times, however I left there v sweat."

3. Anthony Kiedis // Point rest

Red hot Chili Peppers" frontman Anthony Kiedis appeared as Tone, among the surfers that bullies and also fights Johnny Utah because that surfing on his stretch the beach.

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4. Michael pen // Boogie Nights

In Boogie Nights, singer/songwriter and also composer Michael penn played Nick, the technician who aided Dirk Diggler and Reed Rothchild record the tune "The Touch." Penn additionally composed the movie"s score. Boogie Nights director Paul thomas Anderson command the music video for Penn"s "Try" throughout the film"s post-production schedule.

5. Nancy Wilson // Fast times at Ridgemont High

Heart"s Nancy Wilson showed up as "Beautiful Girl in a Car" in Fast times at Ridgemont High. In ~ the time, Wilson was date Cameron Crowe, that wrote the film"s script. "He was like, "Hey! Come visit the set!"" she told The Believer in 2007, adding,

I was really excited that i was going to it is in in a movie—even despite I had actually to wake up at some ungodly hour to do the shoot. ... The character play by judge Reinhold has just to be fired native the burger location where that worked, and also he’s sitting at the stoplight as soon as I traction up. The thinks i’m making eyes at him, however I’m in reality laughing in ~ the man burger-joint hat he’s wearing. Then ns peel out. That was mine big-screen moment.

Wilson and Crowe collaborated musically on various other movies, including Almost Famous; they married in 1986 and divorced in 2010.

6. Jon Bon Jovi // U-571

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi dram Lieutenant Pete Emmett, marine chief engineer, in the world War II film U-571. His personality drowns once flying debris knocks the overboard during a German U-boat attack. Bon Jovi stated he comment to the script due to the fact that "my parental had remained in the maritime Corps" and, due to the fact that of that, the was crucial "that I carry out it properly and pay attention to details, so that I can represent this accurately."


After Ewan McGregor"s character, Christian, drink absinthe because that the first time in Moulin Rouge!, he quickly starts to have hallucinations the the green Fairy, played by Kylie Minogue. (Fun fact: Ozzy Osbourne provided the eco-friendly Fairy"s demonic laugh.)

8. Jack White // Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

White dram Elvis in the 2007 comedy Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. The later described to NME exactly how the cameo happened: “John C. Reilly dubbed me up and asked if ns would perform it. They were filming in a pair of days. I said, ‘Okay, yet what year is it claimed to be?’ He stated 1957, so that was Okay. I thought it was simply going come be for cable or something however he said, ‘Oh no, this is one of the biggest films this agency is going come to put out this year." He sent out the manuscript over and it was yes, really funny.”

9., 10., and also 11. Phil Collins, David Crosby, and also Jimmy Buffett // Hook

In 1991, Phil Collins made a tiny cameo appearance in Steven Spielberg"s Hook. He played a brothers police inspector investigating the disappearance of Peter Banning"s children. David Crosby and Jimmy Buffett (as well as Glenn Close) likewise appear as members of Captain Hook"s tape of pirates.

12. Dave Grohl // The Muppets

In The Muppets reboot, ex-Nirvana drummer and current Foo battle aircraft frontman Dave Grohl played "Animool," the replacement for Animal, in the fake tape The Moopets.

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13. Flea // Back to The Future component II

Flea has appeared in Fear and Loathing in ras Vegas, the Psycho remake, and also the previously mentioned The huge Lebowski, the Red warm Chili Peppers" bassist also appeared as Needles, Marty McFly"s co-worker who got him fired later on in Back come The Future component II. That reprised a younger variation of the role, yet this time he obstacles Marty McFly come a drag gyeongju at the end of Back come The Future component III.

14. Alanis Morissette // Dogma

Writer/director Kevin Smith actors singer Alanis Morissette in the role of God in his 1999 movie Dogma. Initially, she turned blacksmith down. "I had actually just gained off the road, and I to be tired, and I didn"t think I"d be of any type of value come him," she told CNN. "I claimed no at first, however then together I type of rejuvenated, ns checked ago in v him and he tho hadn"t cast the role of God. And I stated I"d love to perform it and also I did."