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Nappy Roots" soulful and also refreshing album is the VMP Hip-Hop record of the Month because that June 2021. We have actually it ~ above 2LP "Kentucky Mud" Vinyl.


"In spite of systemic challenges, there is some glory in Nappy Roots’ humble lot—at least, together they depict it. Anthems prefer “Country Boyz,” the down and also dirty “Slums,” and also “Kentucky Mud"" display a kind of update solidarity with human being who could not have ever heard themselves in hip-hop before. That was the Nappy movement, as its creators witnessed it: recognize the joy and beauty, wherein one could, in an unfair system instead of trying come cover it up. Taking qualities and also status perceived as undesirable—“nappiness,” landscape living, being part of the functioning poor—and finding within them a feeling of community and appeal there is no masking every the points that make them for this reason awful.As a new recession hit and the U.S. Slid right into yet another war, “Po’ Folks” reached #21 on the hot 100; their message of humble resilience rang the end everywhere. A new dimension of hip-hop had reduced into the mainstream, one that was no preachy nor apocalyptic but simply do in solidarity. As Deville put it, by method of explaining the album’s title, that “the refreshment, the heart food—the shit it is going to stick come you.” "


Natalie Weiner is a freelance writer in Dallas covering music and also sports for outlets including NPR, The brand-new York Times, The Washington Post and also Billboard.

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This document was pressed by VMP and also you can't get this specific variation all over else.

Exclusive features
color Kentucky Mud
extras Listening notes Booklet through Natalie Weiner
silver paper stamped Yes
Other functions

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exclusive VMP Exclusive
coat style Direct-To-Board
jacket type Widespine
label Warner Music
pressing location GZ Vinyl
release type Reissue