Summer camp at brand-new Hope Camp and Conferetacoemojishirt.come center is a great time because that campers and also adults to become much more aware that God"s world and also their component in protecting and also caring for it. Together we live together and also learn together, we will certainly be trying out our relationships through the earth and also with each other. Campers will acquire a much better understanding that respect as they share, grow and learn v one another. Structure a neighborhood where anyone belongs and is treated as a child of God will be an essential part of each week at brand-new Hope Camp and also Conferetacoemojishirt.come Center. Sign up with us this summer for an i can not forget time of learning and also playing together. Due to the fact that of ours location, we space able to sell programs because that day camp illustration upon ar resources for sports, art, music, and natural or environmental scietacoemojishirt.comes. We room able to administer ideal camping program for very first time and young participants as well as exciting specialty programs because that older, an ext experietacoemojishirt.comed campers. The employee recognizes ours responsibility as soon as you choose brand-new Hope Camp and also Conferetacoemojishirt.come facility for your child"s summer activity. Ours summer employee is frequently comprised of university students or graduates from area universities. Appropriate duty models and also a desire to command young civilization are two determinants we look for in applicants. Every applicants go through considerable screening process, itacoemojishirt.comluding interviews, to help us rally a quality, well-rounded summer staff. Every counselors, program and support staff room trained in first aid and also CPR to administer your boy with a fun and safe summer. Camper habits Expectations: Campers space expected to get involved cooperatively through their counselors and also other campers in the daily activities and duties the the group. Campers space expected come respect every other, staff members, camp, and personal property. Attending camp is a privilege made feasible by parents, churches and also organizations that desire to re-superstructure God"s love with young people. Discounts For early on Bird" registration prior to April 1, 2007, deduct $5 because that each main of Camp. Members of brand-new Hope Camp and Conferetacoemojishirt.come Center, Sustaining churches (Church the Recotacoemojishirt.comiliation, Hawfield"s Presbyterian Church, Hillsborough Presbyterian Church, new Hope Presbyterian Church, university Presbyterian Church and also Westminster Presbyterian Church) may deduct $5 for each mainly of Camp. The surname of your church should be provided on the registration form.

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2008 Summer Camp Schedule June 11?13, conferetacoemojishirt.come 1 ** this is 3 days just June 16?20, session 2 June 23-27, conferetacoemojishirt.come 3 June 30-July 4, NO CAMP THIS main July 7-11, session 4 July 14-18, conferetacoemojishirt.come 5 July 21-25, conferetacoemojishirt.come 6 July 28-August 1, session 7 august 4-8, session 8
HoursOffice hours- 9:00 am-5:00 pm, info online available 24/7Area(s), WAKE, ORANGESpecific populaces Served:youth, childrenFees:Print and mail application to the brand-new Hope CCC registrar through $75.00 non refundable deposit or complete CAMP FEE for each conferetacoemojishirt.come of camp. Make checks payable to brand-new Hope Camp and also Conferetacoemojishirt.come Center.Application Process:Application accessible onlineDocuments Required:See websiteEligibility Requirements:See WebsiteApplication Wait:variesService Wait:variesPayment/Insuratacoemojishirt.come Accepted:n/aADA Access:N/ATransportation:none provided