Moon phase on 13 October 2015 Tuesday is brand-new Moon, much less than 1 work young Moon is in Libra.

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New Moon phaseImage credit: NASA/Goddard an are Flight center Scientific image Studio.

New Moon

New Moon is the lunar phase on 13 October 2015, Tuesday. Surface ar of the Moon disc is no illuminated. The less than 1 job young Moon is in ♎ Libra.

* The exact date and time the this new Moon step is top top 13 October 2015 in ~ 00:06 UTC.

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WaxingCrescent ♏ Scorpio

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17 October Oct

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20* October Oct20:31

FirstQuarter* ♑ Capricorn

Moonrise and moonset

Moon rises in ~ sunrise and also sets in ~ sunset. It"s component facing the earth is fully in shadow.

Moon in ♎ Libra

Moon is passing about ∠25° that ♎ Libra dry zodiac sector.

Apparent angular diameter

Lunar bowl is not visible from Earth. Moon and also Sun evident angular diameters space ∠1774" and ∠1923".

Hunter Moon after 14 days

Next complete Moon is the Hunter Moon that October 2015 after ~ 14 days on 27 October 2015 in ~ 12:05.

Upcoming main Moon phases

Spring tide

There is high brand-new Moon s tide top top this date. Linked Sun and also Moon gravitational tidal pressure working on earth is strong, since of the Sun-Moon-Earth syzygy alignment.

New lunation 195 / 1148

At 00:06 top top this day the Moon completes the old and enters a new synodic month v lunation 195 the Meeus table of contents or 1148 from Brown series.Previous | Next

Synodic month size 29.74 days

29 days, 17 hours and 41 minutes is the size of new lunation 195. This is the year"s longest synodic month that 2015. That is 59 minutes longer than following lunation 196 length.

Lunation length longer than mean

Length of present synodic month is 4 hours and 57 minutes much longer than the mean length of synodic month, yet it is tho 2 hours and also 6 minutes shorter, compared to 21st century longest.

Lunar orbit position on 13 October 2015 Tuesday 12:00 UTC

True anomaly ∠192.9°

This lunation true anomaly is ∠192.9°. At the start of next synodic month true anomaly will be ∠220.3°. The size of upcoming synodic months will store decreasing since the true anomaly gets closer come the value of new Moon at allude of perigee (∠0° or ∠360°).

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Moon after apogee

1 job after point of apogee on 11 October 2015 at 13:17 in ♍ Virgo. The lunar orbit is acquiring closer, when the Moon is moving inward the Earth. It will save this direction because that the following 13 days, till it acquire to the suggest of next perigee top top 26 October 2015 at 12:59 in ♈ Aries.Previous apogee | next perigee

Distance come Moon 404 103 km

Moon is 404 103 km (251 098 mi) away from planet on this date. Moon move closer next 13 days until perigee, when Earth-Moon distance will reach 358 464 km (222 739 mi).

Moon after ascending node

2 job after the ascending node top top 11 October 2015 in ~ 10:54 in ♎ Libra, the Moon is adhering to the northern component of that is orbit because that the next 11 days, till it will cross the ecliptic from north to south in diminish node on 25 October 2015 at 07:37 in ♈ Aries.Previous node | following node

Draconic month

2 work after start of current draconic month in ♎ Libra, the Moon is relocating from the beginning to the first part the it.Previous | current draconic month | Next

Moon before southern standstill

9 work after previous phibìc standstill ~ above 3 October 2015 in ~ 23:55 in ♊ Gemini, as soon as Moon has reached northern declination that ∠18.140°. Next 5 work the lunar orbit moves southward to confront South declination the ∠-18.190° in the following southern standstill top top 18 October 2015 in ~ 18:31 in ♐ Sagittarius.Previous standstill | next standstill

Sun-Moon-Earth syzygy

The Moon is in brand-new Moon geocentric conjunction v the sun on this date and this alignment develops Sun-Moon-Earth syzygy.Previous syzygy | following syzygy