Pop the champagne! it’s time to begin the countdown because that New Year’s eve in West Palm Beach! native elegant dinners and also cocktail next to family-friendly fun, you’ll uncover plenty of methods to storage here. Watch a dazzling light show at CityPlace, to visit a black-tie gala at The Breakers, or take the youngsters to the zoo because that the “Noon year Eve” celebration. Even if it is you’re spring to reap a low-key night or dance the night away, right here are the finest ways to start 2020 off v a bang!

If you’re planning come celebrate New Year’s night in West Palm Beach, make certain to gain a copy the our complimentary Insider’s Guide. It’s full of recommendations about the finest events, attractions, and also happenings in West Palm Beach. 


Things to execute on new Year’s night in West Palm Beach

1. Downtown West Palm coast

Downtown is one of the ideal places to walk for brand-new Year’s night dinner in West Palm Beach. Many of the regional restaurants attribute special prix-fixe menus with an array of mouthwatering options. ~ dinner, visit CityPlace Square to view the last fake snowfall of the year. Then, head down to the waterfront to see Sandi, world’s just 600-ton sand tree! Make sure to stay and also watch the synchronized irradiate show. This dazzling display screen of lights and also music will certainly be an experience you won’t soon forget!

2. NYE Nightclub Parties

Dress to impress and also celebrate at several of the sexy nightclubs in West Palm Beach! between the many lounges, bars, and also clubs, you’ll have actually plenty the late-night alternatives to pick from here. Blue Martini constantly throws an incredible NYE party. Enjoy great cocktails, dancing, and live entertainment every night long! Or, gain dinner and also drinks by the water at E. R. Bradley’s Saloon. The possibilities are unlimited here! 

3. Black-Tie Gala in ~ The Breakers

Are you prepared for one of the many spectacular brand-new Year’s night celebrations in West Palm Beach? Ring in 2020 in style at the Breaker’s yearly black-tie gala! hosted inside the historical Ponce de Leon Ballroom, the glamorous fantasy ball typically includes a cocktail reception, butler-passed hors d’ oeuvres, a fabulous gourmet meal, and live entertainment. When the clock strikes midnight, cheers to the new year through a champagne toast and balloon drop! Then, enjoy early-morning snacks up in ~ the breakfast bar. In ~ the end of a wonder evening, come residence to Casa Grandview and also enjoy a calm night’s sleep in luxurious accommodations. 

4. West Palm beach Zoo

Whether she young or young at heart, you’ll love celebrating Noon Year’s eve at the West Palm beach Zoo. This kid-friendly occasion takes ar from 9 a.m. Until 1 p.m. Through a round drop in ~ noon. Sign up with in ~ above the festivities, which encompass a countdown, run party, and also a “sparkling” gummy be affected by each other toast. Plus, the event is consisted of with your typical zoo admission. Cheers!

5. Southern Florida science Center and also Aquarium

South Florida Aquarium’s Noon Year’s eve celebration is another great family-friendly event. The celebration takes ar from 11 a.m. Until 1 p.m. And also includes live science demos, music, dancing, face painting, DIY confetti launchers, and also more. When the clock strikes noon, toast come the brand-new year through dry ice cream apple cider! Most activities are had with regular Science center admission.

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